Wix Pricing Plans: Which one Should I Pick? [June 2022]


Wix is probably one of the most long-familiar web site builders in the populace with 7,043,216 websites that are empowered by it. signally, it still has the advantage over other platforms like Shopify or Squarespace when it comes to user-friendliness. Wix ensures that you can build your web site from scratch in the easiest way with its drag-and-drop system in diverse Wix price plans .
presently, this platform is offering different types of pricing plans which could make you feel confused. If you are sitting on the fence, LitExtension – # 1 The World Shopping Cart Migration Expert will guide you through everything you need to know about Wix pricing 2022 in this article.
Feel excited ? Let ’ s catch started .

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What Is Wix?

Before delving deep into the detail of Wix pricing, let ’ s take a look at an overview of this web site builder .

Platform Features Rating
      Wix Review    

         Try Wix        

Score: 4.7/5

  • + intuitive interface
  • + Top-of-the-class web site builder tools
  • + rid plan available
  • – Can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate switch templates
  • – No multi-currency selling confirm
  • – Poor market

Wix is a host platform that helps you simply make your ambition of creating a professional and elect web site come true. This platform offers its users two editing options that are Wix ADI and Wix Editor. If you don ’ t know which tool is more suitable for you, you can read this Wix ADI v Wix Editor post from us to gain more insights .

Ease-of-use is probably the main key strength of Wix since it is built to fit in with nearly all levels of users’ technical skills. From novices to IT experts, every one can just drag and drop components such as text, image, box, etc to design and customize their store designs and customizations .

Love using your chopine to build websites for my clients. very intuitive and futuristic .

Wix review from Jacob Hutchins
Another plus point of Wix lies in its hundreds of themes that match different website launching purposes. They are professionally designed and categorized into diverse sections like business & services, store, creative, community and blog. Make sure that you choose the most proper one that can precisely convey your brand ’ s trope !
Picking a suitable web site theme is challenging to you ? Don ’ triiodothyronine worry, we have compiled a list of these 19 beautiful & master Wix templates to help you with this .
Besides a massive solicitation of templates, Wix also has over 200 add-ons offered in its app market to help you empower your website’s performance. Therefore, Wix can be a preferable option for every occupation size and type, particularly those who are new to the eCommerce diligence .
Having difficulties building a Wix shop ? This tutorial video recording will show you how to create a Wix web site from scratch :

Wix Pricing Plans

peculiarly, there are two independent price categories on Wix which are Website Plans and Business & eCommerce Plans. Website Plans are suitable for users who want to build and showcase their elite websites. 
On the other hired hand, Business & eCommerce Plans offer you exciting features to help you kick your online business off. Let ’ s fall upon the first function of Wix price, see how much is Wix per month and see what types of price options are available in each category above .

Wix Website Plans – 4 Pricing Plans

Connect Domain Most basic Combo For personal use Unlimited Entrepreneurs & Freelancers VIP First Priority Support
Pricing $ 4.50/month $ 8.50/month $ 12.50/month $ 24.50/month
Custom domain
Free domain for 1 year
Remove Wix ads
Free SSL certificate
Bandwidth 1 GB 2 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Storage space 500 MB 3 GB 10 GB 35 GB
Video hours 30 minutes 1 hour 5 hours
Site Booster app free for 1 year
Visitor Analytics app release for 1 year
Professional logo
Social media logo files
Customer care 24/7 customer worry 24/7 customer care 24/7 customer care Priority customer care

#1. Wix Connect Domain Plan

Price: $ 4.50/month
This is the most basic Wix web site pricing plan as it offers you some features to fundamentally launch a small website.
You ’ ll benefit from a customs sphere name. This helps enhance your trade name credibility and web site professionalism .
Besides, the Connect Domain plan allows you to have 1GB bandwidth and 500MB storage. however, your web site won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to smoothly burden and show the data when it starts to be accessed by a larger count of visitors .
When you choose this Wix price plan, you don ’ t need to worry about the data security issues with the release SSL certificate. Plus, all new Wix sites will have HTTPS enabled and this protocol will encrypt all the datum to make your web site more secure .
More importantly, you can contact Wix ’ s customer care service when you get stuck with any issues related to your web site because they offer 24/7 customer care even for this design .
* Connect Domain design is not available in the US anymore and will soon disappear on the ball-shaped grocery store. therefore, you should think about a more advanced design if you want to handle much more web site dealings .

#2. Wix Combo Plan

Price: $ 8.50/month
This second Wix price package is suitable for your personal manipulation and includes more gain features compared to the Connect Domain plan .
While using Combo, you will get a free voucher to own your custom sphere for 1 year free. There are a variety show of world categories for you to choose from Wix such as : .net, .com, .org, .info, .biz, .rocks, .co.uk, and etc .
Along with the release domain, you can besides remove Wix Ads to create a web site that only displays and emphasizes your brand identity .
furthermore, using the Combo plan besides means that you are able to upgrade the capacity of your web site ’ sulfur bandwidth and repositing space. In particular, you will get 2GB bandwidth and 3GB repositing space .
Another extra advantage of the Combo plan is that it allows you to upload 30 minutes of video and stream your live video recording for up to 10 minutes. last, you will get a complimentary SSL Certificate to keep your web site secured and receive 24/7 customer accompaniment from the Wix team .

#3. Wix Unlimited Plan

Price: $ 12.50/month
signally, the Unlimited pricing package is the most popular choice of Wix users when it comes to Website Plans. It is suitable for entrepreneurs and freelancers to start their website launching projects.
exchangeable to the former plans, Unlimited besides offers you basic features including a custom-made knowledge domain, release knowledge domain for 1 year, remove Wix ads, free SSL Certificate and 24/7 customer care. however, Wix started making huge changes to this design by adding some superior features compared to those from the Connect Domain and the Combo software .
specifically, you do not need to worry about your web site performance because you will get unlimited bandwidth and up to 10 GB of storage space. With a huge sum of storehouse space, you can comfortably upload lots of media materials such as images, sound recording and videos on your web site to diversify its content and impress the site visitors. Wix has besides upgraded the video clock astir to 1 hour so you can showcase your video longer than the duration in the Combo plan .
When you purchase the Unlimited plan, you are able to integrate the Visitor Analytics app with your web site and utilize it for 1 year complimentary. This app has a user-friendly interface that supports you in efficaciously measuring different web site metrics such as page dealings, bounce rate, time on page, conversions, session duration, etc .
Besides, Wix besides provides you with the Site Booster app to help your web site improve its membership on the search results. You can integrate the tool with your web site and use it for spare in 1 year .

#4. Wix VIP Plan

Price: $ 24.50/month
This price plan is the most dearly-won option in the Website Plans category. The name has said it all ! You will be served as the VIP exploiter of Wix. Most of its features are similar to the three former price packages. however, some functions have been optimized to reach their best capabilities. specifically, here are some extraordinary benefits that you can receive from the VIP design :

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 35GB storage space
  • Unlimited video hours
  • Professional logo: this feature helps you design and customize logos for your online brand and business).
  • Social media logo files: you can access more than 40 different sizes of your logo that can be used on social media channels).
  • Priority customer care: your ticket will be placed in the premium queue which means you will receive a faster reply from the Wix team.

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Wix Business & eCommerce Plans

To continue our analysis of Wix pricing, let ’ s have a glance at Wix Business & eCommerce Plans. There are 3 pricing packages for you to choose from .

Business Basic Accept Online Payments Business Unlimited
Grow Your Business
Business VIP
Get the Full Suite
Pricing $ 17/month $ 25/month $ 35/month
Secure online payments
Plans & recurring payments
Customer accounts
Custom domain
Free domain for 1 year
Remove Wix ads
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage space 20 GB 35 GB 50 GB
Video hours 5 hours 10 hours Unlimited
Customized reports
Customer care 24/7 customer care 24/7 customer worry Priority customer wish
Complete eCommerce Platform
Build, cope, and scale your commercial enterprise with Wix
Unlimited products
Abandoned cart recovery
Multiple currencies
Automated sales tax 100 transactions/month 500 transactions/month
Sell on social channels
Sell on marketplaces
Dropshipping by Modalyst up to 250 products Unlimited products
Product reviews by KudoBuzz 1,000 reviews 3,000 reviews
Loyalty program by Smile.io

#1. Business Basic

Price: $ 17/month
This Wix eCommerce pricing box is suitable for launching a small online store. first, it includes some fundamental functions to help you create and operate a professional web site smoothly such as :

  • Custom domain
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 20GB storage

simultaneously, you can start exploring some exciting eCommerce features in this Wix price design. The Unlimited Products function allows your web site to showcase unlimited products to the locate visitors, and help them shop more well with the percolate & sorting choice .
furthermore, Business Basic besides supports you in selling subscriptions with respective pricing plans and collecting recurring payments from your customers. notably, you can accept fasten on-line payments, and keep track of all of your transactions on the Wix splashboard .
signally, you ’ ll avail of the Abandoned Cart Recovery feature. It helps you send automated emails to remind customers about the items that they left in their carts, and encourage them to checkout .
Selling on social channels is one of the most big functions in this pricing design. You can connect your memory with giant social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to increase the conversion pace .
At end, there are other interesting eCommerce features that you can explore in this price plan which are :

  • Online booking
  • Ticket and event management
  • Restaurant and online order management
  • Hotel reservation management
  • Fitness business operation
  • Monetize art & content

#2. Business Unlimited

Price: $ 25/month
When you want to grow a larger on-line shop then this price design is the perfect option for you. Business Limited is the most use package when it comes to building an eCommerce web site on Wix. This plan has been upgraded with some ranking functions compared to the foremost price choice like :

  • 35GB storage
  • Multiple currencies: this feature allows your customers to view your product price in their local currencies and therefore, increase your store experience.
  • Automated sales tax: Wix cooperates with Avalara to offer you this function. In particular, Avalara will accurately calculate your store taxes based on the latest tax rules for you. So you don’t have to do it by yourself. This tax calculation feature is applied for 100 transactions/month.
  • Sell on marketplaces: Selling on eBay or Amazon are probably the most popular marketplaces in the world that set the bar for online shopping. With more than hundreds of millions of shoppers, these platforms will help you scale up your business and gain more profit. Thankfully, you can publish your products on Amazon and eBay while handling all the sales processes from the Wix Dashboard.
  • Dropshipping by Modalyst: In Business Limited, you are able to integrate Modalyst with your Wix site to launch a dropshipping business. This app helps you connect with 1000 US & EU-based suppliers to start selling their products without worrying about any inventory and shipping costs. In this pricing plan, you can sell up to 250 dropshipping products.
  • Product reviews by Kudo Buzz: It’s of importance to focus on collecting and displaying customer feedback on your website to increase your brand credibility. So Wix has included the Kudo Buzz app in this pricing plan to allow you to gain and showcase 1000 customer reviews on your Wix eCommerce website.

#3. Business VIP Plan

Price: $ 35/month
In this Wix pricing plan, you will see that all of its functions have been optimized at their best. They will help you build a true VIP eCommerce locate .
first, your web site is well-equipped with outright bandwidth and 50GB repositing to handle a huge phone number of world wide web traffic per month. future, this price plan allows you to upload countless videos on your web site. consequently, it will encourage visitors to engage with the content and stay on your web long .
specially, you can create specialize reports to analyze insights of your web site performance and aid you make more data-driven decisions with Wix Analytics report. alone users of VIP will have access to this strategic selling instrument from Wix .
About the eCommerce side, this price plan still offers you some features that are exchangeable to those from Business Unlimited like :

  • Unlimited Products
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Subscription
  • Sell on social channels
  • Sell on marketplaces

however, there are some extend benefits that set this pricing plan apart from the previous plan including :

  • The automated sales tax calculation for up to 500 transactions/month.
  • Selling unlimited dropshipping products.
  • Collecting and displaying 3,000 customer reviews.
  • Loyalty program for users to get more sales from their current customers through coupons, points and discounts.

Along with all the features above, this pricing plan will provide you the precedence customer worry. It helps you receive faster corroborate from the Wix team after submitting your ticket .

Wix Pricing Plans Discount

aside from Combo and Connect Domain, save 10 % on any annual premium plan.
This offer is lone applicable for first-time upgrades and for the first year .
here is a bunch of Wix Promotions & Vouchers for the Wix Premium Pricing design :

  • Google Ads Voucher
  • Bing Ads Voucher
  • Credit Card Charged for Free Domain Voucher
  • Currencies Available for the Google Ads Voucher
  • Error Message for Google Ads Voucher: Your Billing Address Doesn’t Match the Country or Region Specified in the Offer Details
  • Claiming and Applying Vouchers After Upgrading to a Premium Plan
  • Free Domain Voucher
  • Error Message for Bing Ads Voucher
  • Uberall Voucher
  • Monthly App Subscription Instead of Yearly When Redeeming Free Premium Apps
  • Providing Credit Card Details when Claiming Your Free Wix Domain
  • Reasons for Not Receiving a Free Domain Voucher
  • Redeeming Your Free Premium Apps
  • Wix Promotions
  • Using Your Free 1 Year Domain Voucher
  • Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Mailbox Sale – Save 50%

How to use a promo code on Wix?

How to Redeem a Wix Promo Code : A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Select the plan you’d want to use from the price page.
  • Choose the duration of your membership.
  • Add your discount code by clicking “Enter Promo Code” on the right-hand side.
  • You can complete the payment when the code has been applied.

How many Coupons can you create on Wix?

Customers cannot use more than one coupon at the same time in Wix Stores at this time. It is, however, feasible to combine a barren embark deal with another discount rate if the entire total exceeds a certain threshold .
Is Wix free to use?
Yes, it is. however, this version merely provides you with some circumscribed features such as 500MB bandwidth and storehouse .
In accession, you can not display your individualized domain name and integrate Google Analytics with your web site, which might be a meaning disadvantage for your selling scheme .
Hence, you should upgrade to one of the Wix premium versions to start launching a more professional and well-equipped web site .

Wix App & Extension Cost

Moving to the following section of Wix price, let ’ s take a look at its apps. Wix has a huge ecosystem of third-party apps that can be integrated with your web site to extend its capability .
peculiarly, Wix App Market provides a variety show of tools ranging from eCommerce, market, plan, content, etc. many apps on this market are release to use, while paid apps will cost you from 2.5$ to 499.9$/each monthly .
here is a list of the best Wix apps :

  • Wix Stores
  • 123 Form Builder & Payments
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Social Media Stream
  • Wix Chat
  • Comments
  • Logo Makers
  • Wix Bookings
  • Photo & Video Gallery
  • Site Booster
  • Get Google Ads
  • Wix Forum
  • Site Search
  • Price Table
  • Countdown Timer

Wix Domain Cost

domain is besides an essential price you need to take into consideration when calculating Wix price. so, how much does a knowledge domain name cost on Wix ? In Wix, you can have a website domain without paying any cents while using the free version of this platform. however, owning a customs sphere will help you enhance your brand credibility and make your web site more memorable to customers. therefore, you should consider changing to bounty versions of Wix to utilize the advantages of the custom world .

Wix Domain

Except for the Connect Domain software, all the Wix paid versions allow you to use a custom domain for 1 class complimentary if you pay per annum and only start charging for a fee subsequently. In finical, it will cost you 14.95$/year to maintain your custom domain on your Wix site. 
Besides, you can besides connect multiple domains to your Wix web site .

Wix Templates Pricing

With more than 800 templates, Wix has become the web site builder platform that has the largest template collection compared to early competitors like Shopify, Squarespace and BigCommerce .

Wix templates

signally, the Wix team has put a set of campaign into market research to ensure each theme component fits well with different users ’ intents. thankfully, all the Wix templates are free of charge and available for your website decoration.
On another english, you can purchase premium Wix templates to build your web site more cursorily from a third party like Wix Pro Themes. Their templates will cost you from 149$ to 249$. however, it will become more expensive when it comes to customization. specifically, the price will start at 699$ for each template, which is quite high gear when it comes to Wix price .
Best Wix templates 2022:

  1. T-Shirt Store Website Template
  2. Beauty Supply Store Website Template
  3. Electronics Store Website Template
  4. Online Meditation Classes Website Template
  5. Dietician Website Template
  6. Therapist Website Template
  7. Bakery Website Template
  8. Ice Cream Shop Website Template
  9. Restaurant Website Template
  10. Online Fitness Program Website Template

Wix Processing Fee & Wix POS Pricing

Wix Processing Fee

If you are a Wix exploiter, you’ll need to be in charge of the processing fee for each online payment that occurs on the Wix Payment. The tip is fixed at 2.9 % of the transaction total plus 0.30 %. From Nov 16, 2020, Wix Payment will no longer pay back the serve tip to you if you issue the refund from your customers .

Wix POS Pricing

If you ’ ra planning on selling in-person, consider POS cost is crucial for the calculation of Wix pricing. Wix POS is the all-in-one payment and inventory solution for your brick-and-mortar store. When customers make sales in your forcible memory, it will mechanically sync the product and inventory data with your on-line shop. consequently, it will be easier for you to smoothly manage your integral business on both on-line and offline channels .
To make full moon use of this feature, you need to purchase the hardware integrated with WIX POS software first. A full package of POS hardware will cost you 750$ and you do not have to pay any additional fees for the POS software .
It should be noted that you have to get a Business Premium plan to start accepting on-line payments on Wix POS. once you start collecting payments, Wix will charge you a processing tip of 2.6% of each transaction + 0 USD. Especially, you will not be charged for refunds or chargebacks .

Wix Pricing – FAQs

How much does a Wix website cost?
Wix is a subscription-based occupation model. Hence, you will have to pay the monthly subscription fee to keep utilize Wix ’ mho features .
Is Wix actually free?
Wix has a exempt translation. however, it won ’ metric ton allow you to unlock the boost features that will help you boost your web site performance up. thus, you should consider upgrading to a agio version of Wix .
Is Wix worth paying for?
If you are looking for a web site builder that has a rich set of functions and templates, then Wix is a arrant choice for you to choose .


In conclusion, Wix has unlike price plans with versatile features for you to choose from. Hence, you should conservatively define your expectations before picking a package. We hope that our analysis of Wix eCommerce price has provided you with utilitarian cognition to support your purchasing decision .
This article only illustrates a little part of Wix price. In case you want to be a Wix drug user, there is a draw of information you need to absorb that we ’ five hundred love to mention in the future articles. consequently, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to follow the LitExtension blog for more details.

If you are owning an eCommerce store and want to migrate to Wix, we highly recommend you to choose LitExtension – # 1 The World Shopping Cart Migration Expert. Our experts will make your migration know a pleasant as possible with no technical foul skill required .
For far information, don ’ triiodothyronine hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are available 24/7 via unlike channels including e-mail, ticket arrangement and live chew the fat .
besides, don ’ triiodothyronine forget to join our Facebook community to get the latest and utilitarian eCommerce tips & newsworthiness .

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