Why You Should Never Buy Verizon Phone Insurance

Over 120 million users in the U.S. sign to Verizon ’ sulfur radio network. many of these besides give for Verizon phone indemnity and device protection services. however, at up to $ 17 per month, customers spend over 70 percentage more than they need to for coverage.

Verizon Phone Insurance Overview

With 121.3 million subscribers, according to its 2Q 2021 Earnings Conference Call Webcast, Verizon is presently the largest radio carrier in the United States. While it ’ randomness unclear precisely what proportion of its customers pay for Verizon policy and device protection, many smartphone owners who do are spending over $ 200 per annum for the prerogative. Verizon charges these customers every calendar month unless they cancel, with the measure billed directly to their Verizon accounts. Yet, many customers don ’ thymine realize they ’ rhenium overpaying significantly for guarantee coverage. furthermore, Verizon ’ s call indemnity and device protective covering services suffer from a number of limitations.

For exemplar, despite paying hundreds for coverage, Verizon customers must besides pay a deductible of up to $ 249 when making a claim. At the same time, Verizon limits claims to three per year. so, what happens if Verizon earphone policy customers find themselves having more than three mishaps in a given 12-month period ? In this exemplify, even though the customer paid $ 200 or more for protection, they don ’ t have protection. Because of the high costs, customers should avoid purchasing Verizon phone indemnity .

Verizon Phone Insurance Cost

Verizon charges its subscribers $ 17 per month for indemnity and device security on smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone. That ’ south $ 204 annually. therefore, should a Verizon phone insurance customer make the utmost of three permitted claims in one year, they ’ ll wage a total of over $ 950 ( $ 204 + $ 249 + $ 249 + $ 249 ) .
That ’ s over 70 percentage more than customers are likely to pay for coverage elsewhere .
With Upsie, for case, a biennial offer guarantee with accident protection for the latest Apple iPhone 12 costs $ 105.99. That ’ s merely $ 52.99 per year, or less than $ 4.50 monthly — equivalent to a 73 percentage saving compared to the cost of coverage from Verizon. What ’ s more, claims with Upsie are unlimited up to the purchase price of the phone, and customers pay a deductible of only $ 49 for repairs and $ 99 for replacements. consequently, an Upsie exploiter making three claims would pay barely $ 203.99 over the path of a year, coverage included. In comparison, Upsie saves customers over $ 747 compared to a Verizon guarantee .

Other Reasons Not to Buy Verizon Phone Insurance

high prices and limited claims aren ’ t the only downsides to Verizon call indemnity and device protection. several other unplayful limitations besides exist, including the use of non-original substitution parts during repairs. In fact, this is just one of many issues reflected in thousands of on-line reviews for Verizon earphone indemnity and its investment banker, Asurion

Refurbished Replacement Smartphones

Customers paying hundreds of dollars per year for Verizon telephone policy are likely to expect a new refilling device if the worst happens and Verizon can not repair the call. The truth is, Verizon is absolutely open about the fact that they may refurbish or remanufacture replacement devices .
Worse still, they may contain non-original substitute parts, and features and respective other options aren ’ t guaranteed for replacement devices either.

Asurion Underwrites Verizon Coverage

Verizon ’ s smartphone policy and device protective covering services are cover by Asurion. Asurion besides provides insurance packages for T-Mobile customers and shoppers at big-box retail stores, including Walmart, Staples, and Home Depot. In summation, Asurion issues refurbished or remanufactured substitution smartphones. Consumers besides criticize Asurion on assorted early fronts. nowhere is this more apparent than in the 2,000 or more complaints presently listed on the company ’ south Better Business Bureau page

Verizon Phone Insurance Customer Reviews

many Verizon subscribers have besides taken to other platforms to complain about the serve, often focusing on the brand ’ randomness policy and device protection put up. As a resultant role, Verizon is rated ‘ Bad ’ by the leading consumer inspection web site, Trustpilot, based on over 2,100 reviews Ex-employees have besides spoken out less than favorably, peculiarly regarding Verizon ’ s phone insurance plans and coverage .

Switch From Verizon to Upsie

coverage with Upsie boasts numerous benefits in terms of price and unlimited claims ( up to a smartphone ’ second purchase price ). farther perks include comprehensive protective covering against manufacture defects, screen cracks, drops, and spills. In accession, Upsie besides covers battery, ability, touch screen, television camera, audio, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi failures. With an Upsie guarantee, users can expect :

  • Clearly outlined coverage
  • Low, competitive prices
  • Customer claims services available 24/7

After buying a qualify product, purchase an Upsie guarantee by uploading a picture or transcript of a device ’ mho receipt to Upsie ’ s easy-to-use web site or smartphone app .
Visit Upsie.com or download the Upsie app to get started.

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