Verizon’s new plans raise prices for more data

Verizon’s new plans raise prices for more data

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Verizon Wireless revamped its price plans Wednesday, offering customers more generous data allotments while besides increasing monthly rates by $ 5- $ 10. USA today NEW YORK—Verizon Wireless revamped its price plans Wednesday, offering customers more generous data allotments while besides increasing monthly rates by $ 5- $ 10. It besides added catch-up features such as the ability for customers to roll over any of the data that they do n’t use to the future calendar month. The higher prices indicate Verizon, which has been fighting off aggressive competition from lower price T-Mobile and Sprint, is confident its customers will swallow higher monthly bills in switch over for more generous monthly data plans. Verizon ‘s cheapest “ S ” ( for small ) plan will now offer 2GB of shared data for $ 35 per calendar month, up from $ 30 for 1GB. The medium “ M ” design will besides increase in price by $ 5, offering 4GB of data for $ 50 per month ( up from 3GB for $ 45 ). Verizon ‘s “ L, ” “ XL ” and “ XXL ” plans will all see $ 10 increases. The “ L ” design will now cost $ 70 a calendar month for 8GB of data ( up from 6GB ), the “ forty ” plan $ 90 a month for 16GB ( up from 12GB ) and the “ XXL ” $ 110 per month for 24GB of shared data. You can switch among any of the sample sizes at any time via a newly-designed My Verizon app. current users glad with their existing plans do not have to change them. The data increases come as users continue to consume more data. According to Ericsson, the average exploiter will increase data usage by 45 % each class for the future five years, resulting in a jump from less than 5GB used on modal per person per month to 22GB per person per calendar month by 2021. Verizon says its own smartphone customers used about 2.7GB per calendar month as of April 2016, up from 1GB per calendar month three years earlier.

T-Mobile made a like go in November, raising rates on some tiers in exchange for more data. Return of ‘unlimited’ data Verizon besides introduced a new optional “ Safety Mode ” feature that in effect brings spinal column outright data, albeit with a pretty brawny catch. Included with the larger “ forty ” and “ XXL ” plans, Safety Mode for no extra monetary value will slow down users ‘ data once they reach their plan ‘s monthly limit from typically blazing fast 4G LTE to a preferably anemic 2G-like 128 kbps speeds. At that amphetamine, “ you can stay connected and take wish of some things — access the Web, react to email. That may be what you want because bill certainty is important to you, ” says Nancy Clark, Verizon ‘s senior vice president of marketing and operations. ” But Clark adds that if you want to watch video recording or engage in other data-intensive activities that would about surely require LTE-type speeds, you can buy a data boost of $ 15 for each extra gigabyte of wax accelerate data. Verizon does n’t consider “ Safety Mode ” equivalent to an inexhaustible plan, and it ‘s surely different from the unlimited datum plan it offered before it started to move away that have in 2011. rather, “ safety Mode ” is more in line with some “ inexhaustible ” plans offered by T-Mobile and Sprint which besides slow users down after they consume all their high-speed data. If Verizon truly wanted to set off some fireworks it could have offered data at slightly faster, 3G speeds. Smaller Verizon plans can add the Safety Mode feature for an extra $ 5 per month through the company ‘s update My Verizon app.

A new “ Carryover Data ” feature will let customers save idle high-speed data to be used in the following month, a move alike to what is already offered by AT & T and T-Mobile. This feature of speech will be available for complimentary to all plans. As region of today ‘s announcements, Verizon besides said that customers in the forty or larger plans can get outright talk and text from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada and besides continue to use their data design and received unlimited talk and text when visiting those countries. On smaller plans, you can pay $ 5 per line per calendar month for calls from the U.S to Mexico and Canada. To roam with your data and unlimited talk and textbook in Canada or Mexico, a Verizon TravelPass feature costs $ 2 per day per line. Follow Ed Baig on Twitter @ edbaig. Follow Eli Blumenthal on Twitter @ eliblumenthal

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