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Before committing to Toast, we ‘d recommend you take a look at some other providers on the market. The easiest manner to do thus is by using our immediate price comparison tool, which thousands of early businesses have used to figure out their pricing options. You ‘ll receive obligation-free quotes tailored to your business ‘s needs within minutes. While Toast performs well with its admirable till, sprout management, and commercialize tools, it is relatively expensive. What ‘s more, we very do n’t think its aid and customer digest options cut the mustard. They vary by price – something we ‘ve never been a fan of – and Toast does n’t offer electronic mail or know chat support at all. Plus, it does n’t mechanically backup your data. Toast is a well-respected US-based restaurant POS startup. It ‘s used by thousands of businesses, and is valued at a whopping $ 1.4 billion as of a late-2018 financing round. But it is n’t our favored restaurant POS provider on the commercialize. That respect goes to Square POS.

Toast POS Pricing

The Toast software service starts with the competently titled Starter plan – but pricing gets complicated immediately, because you’ll have two different options for how you pay with Starter. You can pick the popular Pay-as-you-go Starter plan, which costs nothing upfront but charges 2.99% + 15¢ for all transactions — you ‘ll get both a software subscription and a Toast Starter Kit Hardware Bundle for free, though you ‘ll still pay the taxes and shipping for the hardware. You can besides get the Standard Starter Plan. This drops the transaction fees down to 2.49% + 15¢ per transaction, but you ‘ll pay $799 upfront followed by $69 per month in order to pay for the Starter Kit, which includes software, a POS hardware terminal, Tap payment device, router, and support.

eminence : Prices updated March 2022 Toast besides offers two more software packages : essential and Growth. The Essentials plan starts at $165 per month for a subscription that includes one hardware terminal, and brings some reasonably important features. For example, on-line order and pitch are included, rather than being an optional addition. The Toast takeout app is besides included to help manage your takeout sales. The Growth plan costs $272 per month for a software subscription with one hardware terminal, and brings gift cards, customer commitment programs, and electronic mail market to your restaurant POS organization. If you sign up for the Essential or Growth plan, you ‘ll receive custom price on the Restaurant Grade hardware box, meaning you could save a minor chunk of money upfront.

Toast besides charges payment processing fees, although it does n’t clarify what they are for the Essentials or Growth plans. In early 2021, Toast ‘s fees were 2.49 % + 15 cents for card-present transactions and 3.5 % + 15 cents for card-not-present transactions — fairly pricey for the POS industry. It has since lowered its fees for the Starter plan, and likely for the early plans as well. The fees are comparable to Square ‘ s 2.6 % + 10¢ or 3.5 % + 15¢ fees, although Square has a bonus of not including any monthly subscription fees at all. toast does n’t disclose its hardware prices for users, saying alternatively that it has “ flexible requital options available, including requital as a percentage of your sales or fixed monthly payment. ” Nor does it disclose the prices for hardware products sold individually. This might sound fishy but, possibly unfortunately, it ‘s becoming increasingly standard practice throughout the POS industry. For more specifics on the monthly, per terminal cost of a version of Toast POS that ‘s tailored to you, you ‘ll have to contact Toast for a custom-made quote. While you ‘re at it, we ‘d recommend joining the thousands of businesses that have used our quick price comparison creature to get the lapp quotes from other leading polonium vendors available nowadays .

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