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Opt for one of the best brassy cell phone plans for your handsets, and you ‘ll never have to worry about paying more than $ 40 per calendar month for talk, text and data. tied with that kind of cap on how much you ‘ll pay for cell call service, you can however find a design with plenty of data — even unlimited data in some cases. That said, there are some sacrifices to made if you opt for one of the best bum cell call plans — perks wo n’t be ampere ample as on some of the pricer plans out there. But data is n’t one of those things you have to give up. While we ‘ve found some low-cost plans with alone a small pond of data, other options can give you 8GB of data and up, which is enough for activities like streaming video or playing on-line games. As part of our research for the best cellular telephone call plans overall, we ‘ve kept an eye out for plans like that. Our best cheap cell earphone design search takes into account the merits of prepay vs. postpaid call service while besides examining whether MVNOs are worth the money. ( You can look at our methodology for making picks good below our rankings of the best cheap plans. ) As it turns out, you may be as surprised by what you can get for $ 40 or less, including some of the best inexhaustible data cell phone plans we ‘ve come across.

Whether you ‘re buying a new telephone or good looking for ways to save money this year, we can help you find one of the best bum cell earphone plans that are out there right now .

The best cheap cell earphone plans

The best overall cheap cell phone plan

Mint Mobile | 4GB | $15/month - Best overall cheap cell phone plan ( opens in new check ) Mint Mobile | 4GB | $15/month – Best overall cheap cell phone plan ( opens in new yellow journalism )
Mint Mobile presently stands out as the best overall value when it comes to cheap cell phone plans. Go for its 4GB option, and you ‘ll pay precisely $ 15 each month, though all of the plans presently on extend at Mint price less than $ 40 — including its unlimited data plan. There is one catch to these low prices, as they entirely end for the first three months of service. After that, to keep the gloomy rate, you need to sign up for a full year. ( There are besides three- and six-month options. ) Mint besides includes hot spot features and 5G access with its plans, and a new kin plan option means everyone pays the lapp discounted price per wrinkle.

Very low-cost, decent amount of data
Offer changes after 3 months

The lowest priced cell phone plan

( opens in new yellow journalism ) Tello Economy | 1GB | $10/month – Lowest priced cell phone plan ( opens in new check )
Tello offers the cheap of the bum when it comes to a newfangled cell call plan … but it is slenderly limiting. You only pay $ 10 a month but you will find yourself with merely 1GB of data. however, for that price Tello is throwing in unlimited calls and texts, free mobile tether and no contract to tie you in. In other words, this is the perfect design for anyone on a budget who does n’t need much data. A frequent promotion at Tello can lower the price of your first calendar month of service by one-half, before the normal low-rate kicks in, so check to see if this offer is in play before switching to Tello.

Cheapest cell phone plan, unlimited calls and text
Very limited on data

An excellent price from one of the major carriers

( opens in new tab key ) T-Mobile Connect | 3GB data | $15/month – Low cost cell phone plan from a big name carrier ( opens in new pill )
Opting for serve from either Mint or Tello means forgoing the major carriers. But you can find cheap plans at some of the Big Three, including T-Mobile and its low-cost T-Mobile Connect options. The $ 15 monthly plan fair grew to 3GB of data — T-Mobile boost the allotment by 0.5GB every year. There ‘s besides a 1GB choice for $ 10, matching Tello ‘s price. Once you hit your data capital, you ‘re out of data until your following motorbike begins alternatively of simply being limited on speeds.

Pro: Low costs, 500Mb data boosts per annum
Con: Out of data once you hit your cap

Best cheap plan with extensive coverage

( opens in new tab key )

Verizon | 5GB prepaid | $40/month – Best plan for coverage ( opens in new tab )
Verizon and cheap are n’t two words much found near each other, and at first blush, the price of its 5GB plan does n’t compare favorably to the best brassy cell telephone plans. But take off $ 5 for enrolling in autopay, and your monthly fee goes dow to $ 35. then, Verizon will cut another $ 5 when you stick with the plan for three months plus $ 5 more for staying frame for nine months. That brings the cost to $ 20 over time. This plan ‘s main bonus is the access to Verizon ‘s lead speeds and bang-up 5G coverage ( though alone prepay customers who opt for the $ 70/month Unlimited Plus design can access Verizon ‘s fastest 5G, which is more widely available now that Verizon ‘s C-Band 5G ( opens in new yellow journalism ) is expanding to new places ).

Great coverage and speeds, monthly rate drops over time
Cons: not the cheapest postpaid around

The cheapest unlimited data

Best overlooked value

( opens in new tab key ) Cricket | 10GB | $40/month – A better budget option than before ( opens in raw tab )
If you ‘ve dismissed Cricket as an option in the past, it ‘s time to re-examine this AT & T-owned discount rate carrier wave. Cricket stopped imposing a speed crown on plans, so you now enjoy the fully benefits of AT & T ‘s network, including 5G coverage. With Cricket ‘s $ 40 plan, you get a generous 10GB pool of data, and you can save another $ 5 each month by enrolling in autopay.

Pros: Autopay deduction, no more speed caps
Cons: Very few perks

Best cheap plan for Google Pixel phones

The best cheap AT&T cell phone plan

( opens in newfangled pill ) AT&T | 8GB 12-month prepaid | $25/month – Great value on AT&T ( opens in raw tab key )
normally, the chief carriers stay gain of offering brassy cellular telephone call plans and even, this AT & T prepaid plan offers some overall excellent rate. For just $ 25 each calendar month, you ‘re getting an 8GB data cap. While that is n’t arsenic bum as Mint Mobile or Tello, it is a great price to pay for AT & T. While you can pay for a calendar month at a time — AT & T charges $ 30 a calendar month for 5GB and $ 40 for 15GB, with far discounts available if you through Walmart ( opens in new check ) — investing in a full class can get you the best price potential.

Major carrier, dear total of data for price
Cons: Best monetary value requires a longer contract

What to look for with cheap cell phone plans

obviously, price is going to be overriding when considering a cheap cell telephone design. After all, if money is no aim, there are enough of costly plans that will deliver maximal perks and data. But price isn ’ t the only criteria to look at. You ‘ll want to consider who provides the best cell earphone coverage in your area and whether the rebate carrier you ‘re considering uses that carrier wave ‘s network. With the exception of AT & T, T-Mobile and Verizon, none of the deduction carriers we ‘ve mentioned hera operate their own net. rather, as mobile virtual network operators, or MVNOs, they piggyback on the cellular networks built by one or more of the major carriers. Some carriers, such as Republic Wireless and Google Fi, besides offload calls and texts to Wi-Fi when available, as contribution of their efforts to keep monthly costs low. You ‘ll besides want to look at the variety show of plans each mailman offered and whether you could move to a different design if your talk, text and data needs exchange. We ‘ve focused on plans for individuals, but if you ‘re searching for the best family cell phone plan, look into whether a carrier offers discounts on multiple lines. While perks broadly are n’t included with cheap cellular telephone earphone plans, look to see if there are some add benefits such as hot spot data.

How we pick the best brassy cell telephone plans

We are constantly looking at what phone carriers offer, as part of our research into the best cell telephone plans. That includes looking at what ‘s available from the major carriers — AT & T, T-Mobile and Verizon — angstrom well as from discount carriers. We check prices monthly, comparing what unlike services have to offer. For our best cheap cell call plans guide, we set a restrict of $ 40 per calendar month, entirely looking at plans that fall under this threshold. Price is overriding in our rankings, though we do make note of how much data each plan provides angstrom well as any perks to keep in mind. That can help distinguish two evenly priced plans — or tied make a slenderly more expensive plan a better prize overall. Because cell earphone coverage can differ from area to area, we try to include a wide variety of cellular telephone phone plans priced at $ 40 or less, so that you can find the best rate for the radio service with the strongest coverage in your area .

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