What Apple Watch Cellular Plans Cost at Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile & More (2022 Update)

A cellular plan for Apple Watch is superintendent handy. We ‘ll discuss what each Apple Watch cellular plan costs, plus move over answers to your top Apple Watch cellular plan questions. We ‘ve already gone over the best iPhone plans for you, now here ’ s how much an Apple Watch cellular plan for the Series 4, 5, 6, 7, and SE will cost you on the available plans. Related: New Apple Watch Series 6: Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring, Watches for Family Members, More

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How Much Does the Apple Watch Series 7 Cost?

The cellular model of the Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $ 399 for the model with good GPS. The translation with GPS and cellular starts at $ 499 .

Like the Series 6, the Apple Watch Series 7 has a cellular exemplary that allows you to place calls, discipline electronic mail, and stream music without your iPhone. You will, of class, still have to own an iPhone and wage for an iPhone cellular plan. But owning the cellular Apple Watch means you ’ ll besides need to add the cost of an Apple Watch datum plan to your current bill .

How Much Does the Apple Watch SE Cost?

The cellular model of the Apple Watch SE starts at $ 279 for the model with precisely GPS. The translation with GPS and cellular starts at $ 329 .

How Much Does an Apple Watch Cellular Plan Cost?

After you make the purchase, you ‘ll want to know your mailman monetary value. When trying to decide which is the best apple watch data plan for you, you ‘ll want to know all your options .
so very, how much does cellular cost on Apple Watches ? Well, it appears the presently supported cellular carriers for the Apple Watch are very closely a unite front on the price : at least $ 10 a month to add your clothing .
The one exception is U.S. Cellular, which offers a discount for the first base three months before charging the regular $ 10/month. Why U.S. Cellular can afford to undercut the competition when everyone else is offering a fixed price, I do n’t know, but it ‘s a sweet cover for U.S. Cellular customers. ampere retentive as $ 120 a year is worth it for you and your budget, it ’ s incredible to have an Apple Watch that can go iPhone loose .
Does an Apple Watch Cellular have to have a plan, or can you use it without getting data ? We ‘ll go into more detail on how this works late in the article, but it ‘s technically possible to use an Apple Watch Cellular+GPS model without actually harnessing its cellular world power .

AT&T Apple Watch Plan

AT & T used to have quite a maze of a web site that made it hard to find the price information for an Apple Watch cellular plan, it ‘s now quite simple : it ‘s $ 10/month to add to any inexhaustible plan. If you do n’t already have a plan, it would cost the same as a phone occupation. Prepaid plans do not support Apple Watches .

Appalachian Apple Watch Plan

It entirely costs $ 10 a calendar month to add a cellular Apple Watch to your Mix-and-Match, Unlimited, or appalachian Advantage iPhone plans .

Bluegrass Cellular Connected Device Option

Bluegrass Cellular ( now separate of Verizon ) charges $ 10/month for an Apple watch to be added to your plan.

Carolina West Wireless Apple Watch Plan

While the Carolina West web site does n’t appear to have this data visible, I chatted with a spokesperson on-line who informed me adding an Apple Watch data design is $ 10/month with every plan .

C Spire Apple Watch Cellular

C Spire is justly upfront about how much it will cost to add an Apple Watch to your data plan ; the inaugural three months of service are free, $ 10 a calendar month thereafter. C Spire besides offers a utilitarian drumhead of how the cellular serve on an Apple Watch works and how to set it up .

T-Mobile Apple Watch Plan

It costs $ 10 per calendar month to add your Apple Watch cellular option to the Magenta, Magenta Max, or Essentials plans. A erstwhile $ 20 energizing fee may apply .

U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular has made a change from its original volunteer of adding an Apple Watch to your plan for dislodge, and has fallen in line with the $ 10 per month club, available with any design, except prepaid plans .

Verizon Apple Watch Plan

Verizon has a elementary structure of $ 10 per month for your Apple Watch with any unlimited design .

Xfinity Wireless

Xfinity nowadays offers Apple Watch plans at $ 10 per calendar month .

Family Setup

A new thing to consider when trying to decide the best apple watch data plan for you and your family is Apple ‘s new Family Setup. Starting with WatchOS 7 users can pair early users’ Apple Watches to with their iPhone in what Apple is calling family Setup. This means members of a family or kin can have their own Apple Watches while connecting to one iPhone, and therefore one cellular plan. Besides a great way to save on monthly costs, this besides allows parents to monitor their child ‘s Apple Watch use and even localization, offering new ways to keep children safe in a populace of increase engineering. The carriers with Family Setup support are :

Apple Watch Cellular FAQs

1. Can You Still Text on an Apple Watch without Cellular Service?

Yes, but only if your iPhone is connected and within stove, and has service. Without a cellular plan of its own, your Apple Watch is basically just a wearable extension of your iPhone, and only has service through it .

2. What’s the Difference between Apple Watch GPS & Apple Watch GPS+Cellular?

The main remainder between an Apple Watch with cellular versus an Apple Watch without a cellular design is that one with cellular can perform call, text, and data functions without a connected iPhone nearby. This is because the cellular servicing for Apple Watch GPS+Cellular allows it to act independently from your iPhone for those services, like a mini clothing iPhone. An Apple Watch with GPS alone relies on your iPhone and sometimes an internet connection for these functions .

3. Can You Use an Apple Watch Cellular without a Cellular Plan?

Apple Watches that are cellular-equipped do n’t have to have to utilize a cellular plan—they still have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, so they can use the data and cell serve from your iPhone. If you do n’t intend to use cellular with your Apple Watch, though, it makes sense to go with the cheaper version and purchase an Apple Watch GPS alternatively of a more expensive version that comes equipped for cellular.

4. What Can My Apple Watch Do without My iPhone?

Apple has a great resource to explain the things you can and ca n’t do on your Apple Watch without a cellular connection, Wi-Fi, or your iPhone paired. Without your iPhone nearby, functionality will be quite limited unless you have an Apple Watch with a cellular design .
Pro Tip: Your Apple Watch will have its own telephone number for placard purposes. Learn how to find your Apple Watch call act here .

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