Best Cheap SR-22 and FR-44 Insurance in Florida

In Florida, drivers that have been convicted of certain violations, such as driving without policy or driving under the influence, may be required to buy SR-22 or FR-44 policy in ordering to get their licenses reinstated. An SR-22 or FR-44 file is proof of coverage that your insurance company sends to the Florida DMV to show you have the state-required liability indemnity .
The cost of an SR-22 or FR-44 filing is low, but insurance rates are significantly more expensive overall since you were determined to be a high gamble driver by the express .

Cost of SR-22 and FR-44 insurance in Florida

SR-22 policy costs significantly more than other car insurance because of the reason you were required to obtain a file in the first rate, such as driving without insurance, a reach and run, or multiple at-fault accidents. FR-44 insurance can cost evening more due to the austereness of a DUI conviction, ampere well as the higher indebtedness policy requirements .
Our analysis of four insurers found that the median cost of car policy in Florida is $ 2,333 per year, and that drivers saw an average rate increase of 53% after an SR-22 filing. Assuming this sample distribution driver ‘s liability limits remained the like, the cost of SR-22 insurance would be approximately $ 3,569 per year, or $ 1,236 more than their previous policy.

This graph ranks FL SR-22 insurance quotes for 30-year-olds across varying insurers.

Find Cheap SR-22 Auto Insurance Quotes in Florida

presently insured ?


Avg. cost per year

Avg. cost per year with SR-22 and DUI

% change

State Farm logo State Farm $1,063 $1,256 18.16%
Geico logo Geico $984 $2,385 142.38%
Progressive logo Progressive $3,119 $4,070 30.49%
Allstate logo Allstate $4,165 $5,059 21.46%

Our list of indemnity companies shows rates for a 30-year-old male without SR-22 insurance and a 30-year-old male with both an SR-22 file and prior DUI charge .
To get cheaper SR-22 or FR-44 policy in Florida, we recommend you start by comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies, at least three or four. Though you ‘ll constantly get more expensive quotes as a bad driver, each insurance company evaluates driving history differently, so this is the simple way to get cheap rates .
If you ‘re required to purchase SR-22 or FR-44 indemnity in Florida, each form has a $ 15 filing fee. even if you have the option to make monthly payments for SR-22 insurance, your sum cost will be cheaper if you pay upfront, so we recommend doing so if you can. Check if your insurance company offers any discounts you can take advantage of, such as lower quotes for taking a defensive driver run .

SR-22 insurance in Florida: traffic violations and uninsured driving

If you ‘ve been found to be a bad driver in Florida, the state may suspend your license and require you to get SR-22 policy in arrange to reinstate your driving privileges. You might be considered a bad driver due to getting in an accident while uninsured or having excessively many points on your record, among early reasons .
SR-22 indemnity is n’t a classify type of car policy, but it is an auto or motorcycle insurance policy that has an SR-22 endorsement attached. In order to reinstate your license, you need to purchase a policy that meets Florida ‘s required liability policy limits, and then the insurance company needs to submit an SR-22 shape on your behalf .
This class acts as proof of coverage, letting the state know you have an policy policy with at least :

  • $10,000 of bodily injury coverage per person in an accident
  • $20,000 of bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $10,000 of property damage coverage per accident

How long you need to have an SR-22 filing in position can vary, so we recommend confirming with the DMV. But in most cases, you ‘ll need to have the SR-22 in locate for at least three years in Florida before you can purchase a policy without one .
If your policy lapses or is canceled during this period and you are uninsured, your license will likely be suspended again and you ‘ll have to pay a fee to have it reinstated, in accession to the cost of policy .
When you purchase SR-22 indemnity, there ‘s a small filing fee the insurance company will generally pass on to you. While the insurance company will typically continue to file the SR-22 human body on your behalf when you renew your policy, we recommend you confirm this, as the state is not required to notify you if a renewal date is approaching or the form has n’t been filed .
note that if you move out of state during the period that you ‘re required to file an SR-22 in Florida, that requirement does n’t go away. You ‘ll need to contact an insurance company about getting an out-of-state file on your behalf, as coverage needs to remain in set in the express .

FR-44 insurance in Florida: DUIs and DWIs

An FR-44 policy policy is similar to an SR-22 in that it ‘s an car indemnity policy with an endorsement. The insurance company electronically files a certificate of financial responsibility with the state of Florida to show proof that you’re carrying the required liability insurance coverage. If there ‘s a lapse in coverage, such as if your policy is canceled or lapses ascribable to nonpayment, your insurance company must notify the state that coverage is no longer in place .
however, FR-44 policy is by and large alone necessitate if you ‘ve been found guilty of driving under the determine ( a DUI ) or driving while intoxicated ( a DWI ), as you ‘re considered a higher-risk driver. consequently, FR-44 policy is sometimes referred to as “ DUI indemnity. ”
DUI convictions are considered quite serious, and the liability indemnity requirements for FR-44 insurance in Florida are significantly greater than those for SR-22 insurance .
In addition to personal injury auspices ( PIP ) coverage, you ‘ll need to have a policy with indebtedness limits of at least :

  • $100,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person injured in an accident
  • $300,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • $50,000 of property damage liability coverage per accident

The sum of time you ‘ll need to carry FR-44 indemnity in Florida will vary depending upon your detail situation, so it ‘s adept to confirm, but the file is by and large required for three years from your conviction. Unlike SR-22 policy, you ‘ll need to have the FR-44 form in locate for three consecutive years with no lapses in coverage. differently, your license will no longer be reinstated and you will need to start the three-year period over again .
Florida besides has rigid requirements for drivers with involve to paying for FR-44 indemnity. Unlike SR-22 indemnity, you ca n’t make monthly payments for a FR-44 policy. rather, you ‘ll by and large need to pay premiums for at least six months at a time, though this requirement may be relaxed upon refilling.

Non-owner SR-22 and FR-44 insurance in Florida

If you ‘re required to obtain a SR-22 or FR-44 filing to reinstate your license in Florida, but you do n’t have a car registered in your list, you can fulfill this obligation through a non-owner insurance policy .
A non-owner SR-22 or FR-44 indemnity policy is like to a standard owner ’ mho car policy policy in that it includes bodily injury and place damage liability coverage. It offers coverage whenever you drive a car that you don’t own, such as if you borrow a supporter ‘s fomite. Your insurance company can add an SR-22 or FR-44 second to a non-owner policy and submit a filing to the state, meaning you can fulfill the necessity to have your license reinstated .
The key differences are that a non-owner policy policy does n’t require PIP coverage, only liability coverage, while a non-owner policy can be significantly cheaper than an owner ’ south policy. You just need to make certain that the liability limits of your non-owner policy meet Florida ‘s SR-22 or FR-44 insurance requirements .

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