Square POS Review (2022): Features, Pricing & More

At its core, Square is a release mobile point-of-sale app designed to process calling card payments. In reality, Square offers a huge deal more to little and medium sized businesses looking for a payment process solution. Square ’ second popularity is in part due to its refusal to charge monthly fees, rather opting to charge a bare processing fee per transaction. This, coupled with a across-the-board range of rich features, and the fact that it operates as a payment service supplier, meaning that belittled clientele owners don ’ t need to open a separate merchant history, contributes to Square ’ s positivist reputation as one of the best-value POS systems in the retail earth. The Square point-of-sale app includes features such as real-time analytics, sales coverage, inventory management, customer kinship trailing, and much more .

Who is Square for?

Square is a great choice for businesses that are barely starting out. The app is free, and doesn ’ t require any investment in hardware. In fact, they provide the foremost card reader for free. The solution is easily able to help businesses scale up equally and when it becomes necessary.

The solution is recommended for businesses who are looking for an cheap way to sell anywhere and accept all types of payments. It ’ s a great choice for sellers looking to manage everything through one centralized point-of-sale system. Square ’ s point-of-sale solution supports many types of businesses, from restaurants to coffee shops, and boutiques to farmer ’ second market vendors. It ’ randomness besides a capital solution for sellers who don ’ triiodothyronine own a physical shopfront — think marketplace stalls and craft fairs — due to its mobile process functionality. however, it ‘s worth noting square does offer its own Square for Retail and Square for Restaurants solutions which offer more specialize and robust features, depending on individual business needs .

Square’s features

Square is a feature-rich solution with a handful of free and knock-down features and report options, including some features that aren ’ t typically offered with spare POS systems, such as accepting payments in offline manner. however, larger businesses or those with large amounts of inventory might find that Square ’ s most basic software doesn ’ t deliver everything that they need .

Square’s customizable dashboard

Square ’ s dashboard is undoubtedly the POS system ’ mho best have. The splashboard acts as the central hub where users can control everything related to their sales, customers, and teams. It ’ south besides in full personalizable, allowing users to see precisely the data they need by easily adding and removing specific widgets via drag and drop. This is a great feature that allows all types of businesses to customize the solution to their specific needs .Screenshot of Square Pos' dashboard for business insights. You can use and access the dashboard on any device, and you can track your armory, real-time analytics, giftcards, market efforts, and everything else you need to run a smooth business .

Sales analytics

You don ’ t need to know how to be the best salesman to close a sale, but you do need to know how well your sales and commercialize strategies are working, or whether your sales process is up to scratch. Square ’ s sales analytics feature helps you figure out the what, the where, the when, and the how : who ’ randomness buying your products, what products customers are buying, and when and where they ’ rhenium buy them. This kind of chondritic detail can help you adjust your sales tactics and gain real-time penetration into how occupation is going .Screenshot of Square’s reports section for sales analytics. In short-change, Square can help you figure out what sales management strategies to pursue, whether your pricing scheme is up to scratch, and those areas where you might need to fine-tune your sales techniques .

Inventory management

As one of the most significant parts of running a business, you ’ ll need a POS system that can accurately manage your inventory. Square ’ s basic inventory management features allow you to import existing stock using a CSV spreadsheet, align stock levels, and provide reasons, sync your on-line and in-store inventory, set up low stock alerts, and a wholly batch more for a unblock app .A screenshot of Square Pos' inventory management features. however, if you ’ rhenium running a larger occupation with a much larger inventory, you ’ ll need to consider upgrading. The basic inventory management feature doesn ’ triiodothyronine offer a research browning automatic rifle, so you ’ d necessitate to scroll through hundreds of products to find the one you ’ ra looking for .

Offline mode

This feature offers a huge advantage to businesses that don ’ triiodothyronine operate out of brick-and-mortar stores 100 % of the time. Whether you ’ re at a farmers marketplace or a craft fair, Square ’ s offline mode allows secure swiped tease payments when you ’ re not connected to the internet. Transactions are merely processed automatically once you ’ rhenium reconnected. even better, there ’ s no extra charge for this feature.

A screenshot of Square POS' offline mode for accepting credit cards swiped payments without internet. Keep in mind that offline mood lone works with magstripe cards that are swiped, and businesses are creditworthy for the costs of the transaction if the payment doesn ’ t register upon reconnection to the internet .

Customer loyalty

While customer loyalty international relations and security network ’ t a feature in the basic box, it does warrant exploring here. While customer learning is significant, many studies have shown that customer retention is even more authoritative. Square claims that businesses whose customers have enrolled in their loyalty plans spend 37 % more than they did before connect .A screenshot of Square's customer loyalty feature for creating loyalty plans. Square ’ s loyalty plans start out at $ 45 per calendar month, and large customer lists can be imported via a CSV file, and visit levels/spending can be easily adjusted for customer rewards. The feature besides allows you to drill down into what certain customers are buying so that you can target them more directly with offers, and customers can sign up to receive text messages when they ’ ve reached their loyalty points rewards, drawing them back to your store .

Square’s ease of use

Square dashboard is the pinnacle of the app ’ mho simplicity. Everything you need to manage your payments are held and displayed in one slick, centralized organization. even if you don ’ t have prior experience with a POS system, you ’ ll soon learn to navigate Square ’ s platform with facilitate. The splashboard is uncrowded, offers a very exploiter friendly interface, and is fully customizable. Users can switch features around according to their preferences and remove features they don ’ t need to avoid clutter .

Square’s pricing

Square price model is childlike. The app is release, there are no monthly fees, and no monthly minimum serve required. Each wag transaction will cost you a compressed rate of 2.6 % + $ 0.10, keyed transactions are charged at 3.5 % + $ 0.15, and on-line transactions will cost you 2.9 % + $ 0.30. They even throw in your beginning poster lector for loose. The free app includes robust features like armory management and sales coverage, while besides making certain you ’ re covered with requital dispute aid, chargeback protection, and PCI-compliant software. however, businesses that typically run with lower ticket values and a higher transaction volume can expect to be more impacted by the 2.6 % + $ 0.10 per transaction charge .

Square’s support

Square offers multiple customer documentation options, from an on-line knowledgebase that houses a huge selection of troubleshooting articles, a residential district forum, e-mail, and of course telephone support. however, it does not offer a hot old world chat option, unlike many of its competitors. Square ’ s live customer service is entirely offered from 6a.m. to 6p.m. Pacific Time, from Monday to Friday, which puts businesses at a significant disadvantage if they run into problems at the weekend or after 6p.m. This is particularly true if the topic has the likely to halt sales, and it can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be resolved via Square ’ s early back options .Screenshot of Square Pos' support area for troubleshooting, questions and live chat. Without live chat or 24/7 phone support, Square ’ s customer support is lacking in comparison to most of its competitors.

Benefits of Square

Square release POS system is an gain solution without any monthly fees. It ’ s an incredibly intuitive arrangement to use, and is a fantastic option for those who have little to no anterior experience with requital work .

Square is a great choice for small businesses looking for a feature-rich POS system on a budget

There ’ s in truth not a whole lot to complain about when it comes to Square solution. It ’ s an all libertine in terms of its features robustness and capital value, and its fabulously user-friendly invention. Add in its low-cost hardware options, and the fact that they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate charge monthly fees or tie you into a shrink, Square is a big choice for little to mid-size businesses who are looking for an cheap however authentic POS system .

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