Square Online Store Pricing: How Much Will Your Store Cost?


Square Online Pricing Plans

Go to the top square online price plansSquare Online price plans range from $0 to $72 per month (billed annually). Click on the image to visit Square Online’s pricing page.

Best for setting up your store

We ’ ll be wholly upfront – we do not recommend Square Online ’ s free design for long-run consumption. If you want to make sales and be taken seriously by customers, the spare plan isn ’ t for you. alternatively, we recommend the complimentary design for :

  • Trying out Square Online, to see if you actually like its builder
  • Building your store while keeping costs low
  • Testing out design ideas and product layouts before publishing 

We don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate recommend the dislodge design for long because of its limitations, which include :

  • Square adverts on your store pages
  • Square subdomain, so your address will look like this: www.yourstore.square.site
  • You can’t connect your own domain, even if you have one already

With that said, we ’ ll admit that Square Online ’ s loose plan is generous. There aren ’ t many free plans that let you sell on-line, and even Square Online sets you up for selling from day one.

Here’s a closer look at what you get on Square Online’s free plan: 

  • You can sell an unlimited amount of products
  • Sell digital and physical goods, services, and tickets, and accept donations
  • You can offer curbside pickup, delivery, or shipping to your customers
  • Instagram integration so customers can shop on social media
  • If you use Square POS, you get automatic inventory, order, and item syncing between your offline and online presence
  • Create coupon codes to encourage more sales from customers
  • Accept gift cards online and in person
  • Inventory management makes it easier to track your stock
  • Send order updates via text to your customers to let them know how their order is progressing
  • Give customers the option to customize their order, to give them a better shopping experience

not alone do these features give you batch of control and flexibility over your business, but they ’ re besides designed to provide an amazing customer experience. Gift cards, text updates, and order customizations are all great for making customers feel like they come first. The free plan features are the basics that come with every Square Online plan. This means you don ’ t have to give up any of those neat features to grow your store .square online logo

Do You Want to Build For Free?

You can build, publish, and evening sell on Square Online ’ s free design. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even need payment details to get started ! Yes! I Want to Start Square Online’s Free Plan

Professional Plan: $12 per month, billed annually

Best for launching your brand

The Professional plan is best for getting your storehouse in front of customers and setting yourself up as a serious, professional brand. This is the best plan for actually publishing your store. We recommend the Professional plan for :

  • Officially launching your store 
  • Creating a branded, professional store 
  • Taking your business seriously – and getting others to do the same

The Professional plan comes with all the features from the free plan, plus :

  • A custom domain – you can connect your own custom domain to give your store a professional image
  • A free custom domain for one year – not only can you use a custom domain, but Square actually lets you register a new one for free, saving you money
  • Removal of Square adverts and branding from your store, increasing trust and brand recognition for customers

In summary, the Professional plan comes with all the attractive features of the free plan, without any of the drawbacks. You get to publish your shop using your own custom world, and without Square adverts ruining your carefully branded shopfront. You even get a rid custom sphere for one class if you choose an annual plan, meaning you get a professional web address like www.yourstore.com without having to pay for it ! The Professional plan is best for anyone who is ready to share their store and start seeing sales roll in. 

If you build your shop using the rid plan, then the Professional plan is the matchless you should launch your store with. If you want to make a good first gear impression, you ’ ll need those upgrade features.

Do You Want to Create a Professional Brand?

The Professional design is perfect for launching a shop that ’ s ready to start taking sales, and ready to be taken seriously on-line. Yes! Launch My Store With the Professional Plan

Performance Plan: $26 per month, billed annually

Best for growing your business

The Performance plan is the plan we recommend the most. It ’ s hush low-cost at $ 26 per month, but comes with more sophisticate features, making it a bang-up value option for growing businesses. We recommend it for :

  • Getting more out of your customers
  • Boosting your sales with better engagement
  • Streamlining your sales and shipping process

The Performance plan comes with all the features from the Professional plan, plus the following more gain features designed to help grow your commercial enterprise :

  • Customer reviews directly on your store – perfect for gaining customer insights and boosting sales via social proof
  • Abandoned cart recovery – recover lost sales by re-engaging customers via email
  • All-in-one shipping tools – enjoy a more convenient way of shipping with label printing, carrier options, and shipment tracking from one place
  • Save up to 55% on UPS shipping rates to lower your shipping costs

The Performance plan is designed to help you grow your storehouse and get more out of your customers. The global haul abandonment rate in 2019 was 77.73 %, which means abandoned cart convalescence is an fabulously valuable asset for any on-line shop. With this design, you get to leverage social validation through customer reviews, which are an effective tool for boosting conversions and trust in on-line businesses. As your sales grow, you can streamline your shipping work with Square Online ’ s all-in-one shipping tools. In short, the Performance plan is for any store that wants to grow and really engage its audience. If you can comfortably afford the $ 26 per month subscription, then we decidedly recommend this design – it ’ s bang-up value, and has useful tools to make your business go further.

Is It Time to Grow Your Store?

The Performance design has all the features you need to boost your sales, and it ’ s the plan we recommend the most. Yes! I Want to Choose the Performance Plan

Premium Plan: $72 per month, billed annually

Best for fine-tuning your established store

At $ 72 per month, you ’ ve got to truly need the Premium plan ’ mho tools to make it worthwhile. This plan is best for boastful businesses, where saving on work fees and shipping rates will make a boastfully dispute to your profits. We recommend the Premium plan for :

  • Scaling up an already established store
  • Saving money if your everyday fees are cutting into your profits
  • Big businesses looking to take their sales to the next level

Square Online ’ s Premium plan comes with every single have we ’ ve listed so far, with some money-saving extras :

  • 2.6% + $0.30 processing fees (instead of 2.9% + $0.30) per transaction
  • Highest discounts on shipping rates, meaning you can save more money on delivery
  • Real Time Shipping Rate Calculator – provide accurate shipping rates, removing the risk of under or over-charging customers for shipping orders

These features are designed to cut away excess costs and help you scale up your business. While every little counts when you ’ re a small store, we don ’ metric ton recommend jumping straight to this design. In most cases, this plan is an ascent option for those who have reached the limits of the Performance plan.

Are You Running a Big Business?

The Premium plan is designed to streamline your business and save on surfeit costs. It offers most value for bigger stores. Yes! I Need the Premium Plan

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