Short term health insurance

A somewhat emotional piano tune plays. A aristocratic ribbon flows across the screen and morph into the UnitedHealthcare logo, and the words “ Golden Rule Insurance Co. ” appear under it. Under that, the words “ Short Term Medical Plans ” appears. A bright young woman ’ randomness voice comes in .
Voiceover: What do you do when you ’ re in a fourth dimension of transition and need health coverage quick ?
An airplane with a banner floating behind it appears. The banner reads : “ Need health coverage promptly ? ”
Voiceover: possibly you ’ ve decided to turn your english bustle into your full-time gig.

An animate “ open ” sign swings back and forth.
Voiceover: Or you ’ re coming off your parents ‘ policy for the first time.
An animate calendar graphic with a coffee chump and a plant appears.
Voiceover: UnitedHealthcare branded Short Term Medical plans are designed for situations like yours,
An inspire graphic of a hand holding a UnitedHealthcare insurance card appears following to the words “ Designed for situations like yours ”
Voiceover: and can provide flexible, budget-friendly coverage that lasts adenine long as you need,
A hoggish bank graphic appears above the words : “ compromising, budget-friendly coverage ”
Voiceover: from one month to equitable under a year in some states.
A calendar graphic appears between the words “ One month ” and “ One year ”. The music becomes more upbeat and orchestral.

Voiceover: Apply for coverage start equally soon as tomorrow for things like doctor visits, ER visits, hospital stays, labs and even prescriptions with many plans.
Graphics that correspond to each covered detail appear as they ’ rhenium listed.
Voiceover: Plus, get access to the UnitedHealthcare countrywide net of doctors and hospitals
An animated net graphic appears with diverse health care icons of different sizes connected with lines.
Voiceover: that makes health care available at lower costs.
An enliven hoggish bank graphic appears with a mint dropped into it.
Voiceover: Short Term Medical plans do not cover preexisting conditions, so keep that in mind when you apply.
A affection graphic appears above the words “ Preexisting conditions are not covered ”.
Voiceover: Give the uncertain time period in your life more certainty with a UnitedHealthcare branded Short Term Medical plan.

The animated airplane graphic appears again, this fourth dimension towing a banner that reads “ Find a inadequate Term Medical Plan ”
Voiceover: Questions ? Go to or call your local health policy broker.
A final examination championship screen appears with the words “ UnitedHealthcare ” and “ Golden Rule Insurance Co. ” next to the UnitedHealthcare logo in the amphetamine forget corner. The words “ Questions ? Go to or call your local health indemnity broker ” appear in the middle of the screen, to the left field of two colorful textbook bubble graphics. The following words are in fine print at the penetrate of the blind : “ Underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare Company. This policy has exclusions, limitation, reduction of benefits, terms under which the policy may be continued in impel or discontinued. For costs and complete details of the coverage, call or write your indemnity agent or the company. short term health indemnity plans do not meet all federal requirements to qualify as “ Minimum Essential Coverage ” for health indemnity under the Affordable Care Act ( “ ACA ” ). brusque term health insurance is medically cover and does not cover preexisting conditions. Product handiness varies by state. 48283-G-0322 ”

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