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Since its origin in 1965, Subway has raced to the top of the fast food industry. The company was started by a 17-year-old business novice, Fred DeLuca, who opened a submarine sandwich shop in Connecticut, USA. By 1974, the pioneer and his investor – Dr Peter Buck – had already opened 16 outlets in the region, beginning a tide of success that continues to this day .
today, the ship’s company represents more than 43,000 Subway sandwich shops, making it the world ’ sulfur largest submarine sandwich chain, operating franchise agreements in 110 countries around the worldly concern as a consequence of aggressive franchise exploitation .
Along with its hard franchise business model and franchise relations, Subway is an incredibly forward-thinking brand in terms of health, environment and animal benefit. It has ensured its menu is sourced from ethical suppliers, that its formative stadium and products are made from 95 per penny recycled bottles, and follows health guidelines such as salt and sugar reduction and calorie label to help its customers get a well-adjusted meal .

What is a Subway franchise?

already there are 2,500 Subway sandwich shops in the UK and Ireland, and the company is looking to expand this group, offering new opportunities to ambitious entrepreneurs who want to become character of the food commercial enterprise. Subway is a ball-shaped brand and among the top food franchises that champions community focus and regional management, so it welcomes energetic individuals to become a franchise owner and continue its driveway for success .
Becoming a food business franchise owner with Subway, consequently, means owning your own franchise operation and being your own bos, while working inside an existing company model that is established and long-familiar to the public and in the franchise industry .

Becoming a Subway franchisee besides allows you direct access to the recipe for the chain ’ second products and operational systems, and enlightening publications provided by the party. In summation, you ’ ll receive ongoing confirm from the corporate team, including even evaluations and operation analysis .

How can I become a Subway business owner?

If you choose to start a Subway franchise, the process of setting up in truth couldn ’ triiodothyronine be easier. The company is elastic with regard to location and choice of administration, you can even convert an existing memory into a Subway ! You will submit very estate of the realm for retainer ; the brand is looking to expand into many different areas, including denounce centres, hospitals, theme parks, universities, big and small urban areas, gasoline stations and conveyance terminals. With such a range of options, it ’ s up to you to find one that fits your business plan vitamin a well as the party ’ s imagination .
Unlike other fast food chains, there is besides potential for your franchise to expand to multiple different outlets. This is surely something to bear in beware if you ’ re considering a retentive career in the food industry .
Becoming a multi-unit franchisee will potentially enable you to benefit from economies of plate, which will further increase income and boost profits .

Setting up shop is a challenging process, and you ’ ll receive help from the Subway Business Development Team. Introduced in 2017, the ‘ Fresh Forward ’ store design is an exciting new imagination for restaurant outlets, which in fender stores has attracted many newfangled customers, and made service more effective and profitable. invention and technology have been employed in this new design to create a customer-focused, ever fresher feel with food .
The company will try to make the process of setting up a franchise arsenic easy as possible, through its impressive accompaniment network. You ’ ll have serve and advice from know owners every step of the way. This begins with a two-week coach course at the Subway Support Centre in Cambridge, from which you have to achieve an 80 per cent marker in the final appraisal .
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By sharing your e-mail, you ‘re agreeing to our privacy policy cookie policy and terms & conditions The initial trail will prepare you for the job, but following this, the company ’ mho own education facility – called The University of Subway – offers over 400 on-line train courses for franchise owners and staff. Along the travel, you will besides be offered advice from a group of 20 experience regional Business Development Agents who know all the details of setting up a franchise. At the Subway Support Centre in Cambridge, or at your local development position, franchise owners are constantly offered defend and mentor .
Subway owns an arrangement specifically to facilitate the purchase of supplies and equipment for franchise owners. The Independent Purchasing Company Europe is a non-profit that will ensure you have all the necessary tools to run a workshop that meets the high standards set by the party .

How much is a Subway franchise?

Compared to other fast food brands of this size, the initial franchise fee for a Subway franchise is fairly modest. Though the sum cost of setting up a store will vary depending on the size and necessary renovations, the estimated complete investment is about £85,570 to £221,240 .
This figure includes the franchise fee of £8,500 ( this is a one-off payment that allows you to represent the company and use all its trademarks and branding ). The total investment covers place learning and conversion, equipment, policy, supplies, training expenses for staff, and the opening ad. The calculate allows for £10,000 to £25,000 in extra funds that is recommended you reserve for the first three months of consumption on wages, rip and training .
In addition, after the initial inauguration costs, you will continue to pay a royalty of 8 per penny of gross sales ( after sales tax ). And, finally, the Franchising Advertising Fund will be responsible for marketing your wall socket, for which you have to pay an annual contribution of 4.5 per cent ad tip .

I don’t want to open a new outlet, is there an alternative?

There is another option to buy a franchise by purchasing a resale shop. This is an existing denounce owned by a franchise owner, so you are able to escape the set up costs .
The benefits of buying an already established Subway franchise is that the clientele already has a gamey visibility in the local area in which it operates, which means it will have a significant number of regular customers .
It will besides have a count of experience employees on the books, who know all aspects of how the business is run – a valuable asset to any aspiring entrepreneur in the fast food sector .
A franchise resale, while sometimes more expensive than a greenfield franchise site, will besides enable you to earn a potentially substantial income from day one .

Where do I sign up?

Simply fill out your details and snap on the handy ‘ wonder now ’ button below. You will then be contacted by your local development function who will guide you through the lotion process and franchise agreements. Through this group, you can besides get in contact with experience Subway franchise owners who can help you discover if joining the Subway team is the correct career choice for you and your circumstances .
They ’ ll besides be able to provide you with experiences of franchise owners and the company booklet. These are individuals barely like you who began as ambitious entrepreneurs and through franchising with Subway have encountered big success .
It is highly recommend that prospective franchisees dispatch in-depth due diligence before investing any money into buying a franchise. This includes conducting their own independent inquiry into the business opportunity on offer, enlisting the services of a lawyer who is familiar with the concept of franchising and franchise agreements and a appropriately certified accountant, who will be able to review the fiscal information provided to you by the franchisor.

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