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Prices are in US Dollars and exclude all forms of tax (US Sales, GST, VAT) BigCommerce’s pricing plan options include: Standard ($29.95/month), Plus ($79.95/month), Pro ($299.95/month) and Enterprise plans with pricing based on a customers online sales.
* Google Shopping: Powered by Sales & Orders ** Pro plan: Starting at $ 299.95/mo for less than $ 400k in on-line sales, + $ 150/mo for each extra $ 200k in on-line sales.

*** Pricing terms: BigCommerce supports a wide range of payment providers.

****To qualify for the PayPal powered by Braintree rate, here are the details and your following steps.
The march tip for debit and credit rating cards begins at 2.59 % + $ 0.49 per transaction for all BigCommerce plans. You will find each design ’ s price here. Based on your plan, you may be eligible for that plan ’ second published march rate. eligibility requires that you must be a United States-based business. then, ( 1 ) If you are a newly BigCommerce Merchant using a trial PayPal powered by Braintree account, you will need to select a qualifying BigCommerce Plan ( Plus, Pro, or Enterprise ). Go into your BigCommerce account Client Area and accept the terms of the selected BigCommerce plan and establish a charge agreement. You will then be charged the first month ’ s fee for your BigCommerce plan and you will become eligible to apply for the negotiate requital process rates with PayPal powered by Braintree. If you are an existing BigCommerce Merchant already in a Plus, Pro, or Enterprise plan, you do not need to complete this step.
( 2 ) From within the BigCommerce bill Control Panel Payment Settings area, complete and submit the PayPal powered by Braintree application to upgrade from a trial to full account. extra data may be requested from the PayPal powered by Braintree team during the process of reviewing your application.
( 3 ) 2 to 3 clientele days following your approval* for a PayPal powered by Braintree account, you will be emailed a Pricing Contract to digitally sign. We suggest adding [ e-mail protected ] to your electronic mail whitelist to reduce the gamble of it going to your spam folder. Follow the instructions in the e-mail on how to sign and return the sign.
( 4 ) Your bill will then be updated to reflect the new rate, and you will receive a presentment e-mail with the update pace, which can take up to 10 commercial enterprise days. Your newfangled rate will only apply to transactions after the date on your telling electronic mail.
Application for a PayPal powered by Braintree account does not guarantee approval. sporadically, Braintree reviews their customer accounts to make sure its services and rates fit your report activeness. Braintree reserves the right to revise their fees at any clock, subject to a thirty ( 30 ) day notice period to you anterior to the new fees taking effect. The standard on-line rate for payments with American Express is and will continue to be 3.50 % with no fix fee after August 2, 2021.

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