IRS Offers Tax Help Online & By Phone – Or Make An Appointment

today marks two weeks before the loose of the new tax file season ( it begins January 23, 2017 ). If you ‘re going to need in-person tax aid from the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ), you ‘re going to find 2017 to be a little different : for 2017, you will need an appointment for in-person tax help at all IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC) .

While the IRS experimented with appointments beginning in 2015, 2017 is the first class that all Taxpayer Assistance Centers require an appointment. In anterior years, IRS served taxpayers on a beginning come, first served basis. If you ‘ve always waited in line at a government representation ( think DMV ), you know what that could lead to : retentive waits and torment taxpayers. But an date – like going to the doctor of the church ‘s function – means that taxpayers will have a particular time to see a representative. That should make a dispute ( though, depending on your doctor of the church, you know how that can go ) .
To schedule an appointment, taxpayers can call 844.545.5640. You can besides use the TAC creature to find a localization near you .

The IRS notes that not all taxpayers with questions will need to visit a TAC. Most issues, the IRS claims, can be resolved on-line or by phone. If you need help by call, here ‘s a short list of helpful numbers :

  • Individuals: 800.829.1040
  • Businesses: 800.829.4933
  • People with hearing impairments: 800.829.4059 (TDD)

Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 7 ante meridiem to 7 post meridiem local anesthetic clock time, unless otherwise noted. Residents of Alaska and Hawaii follow Pacific fourth dimension. Puerto Rico call lines are overt 8 ante meridiem to 8 post meridiem local clock time .
Remember that taxpayers may experience very high call volumes, specially during filing season. In 2016, the IRS answered the phones over 70 % of the clock time – much better than in 2015. The hope is that the numbers of calls answered will hit those 2016 levels again – but that inactive means that 3 in 10 taxpayers are n’t getting calls answered .
How can you avoid long hold times ? If you must call IRS, try off-peak times ( typically early morning ) and keep off Mondays. But then, you knew that already : cipher likes calling anybody on a Monday.

Chances are, some of your questions can be answered with the chatter of a mouse. Online services offered by IRS include :
You can besides find resources, tax forms, and publications online. The best character ? Unlike the phones, you can use on-line services at any clock of sidereal day ( some restrictions apply while systems are updated ). And while you ‘re there, feel free to click around for angstrom much information as you like : between January and mid-may 2016, taxpayers used the IRS website about 349 million times .

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