View, print and download your tax forms

With Online Access, you have a secure and convenient room to view, mark and download your Edward Jones tax forms electronically. Simply bless in, choose Documents and go to the Tax Forms section. Important: You must be signed up for Online Access to use the features described below. If you ‘re not signed up, you can sign up hera or by contacting your Edward Jones team .

  • Before printing your tax forms review our guidance on: Best Practices for Printing Edward Jones Tax Forms (PDF)

Online Access tax forms section

The Tax Forms section provides a list of your stream open accounts and information related to the tax class for each one. The tilt defaults to display all forms for the most recent tax year, but you can select specific accounts and/or a prior tax year using the drop-down menu.

  • Date: Shows the date the form was produced.
  • Account: Shows the account “nickname” you selected, or the default (e.g. “Joint-1”) as well as the last four digits of the account number.
  • Document: Indicates whether a tax form has been or will be produced for the account, and, once a form is produced, shows the type of form and whether it is final, not final, or revised.
  • Year: Shows the tax year for the form.
  • Download: Allows you to view a PDF version of your form for any tax year and to download the information to an Excel® or CSV file format for the current tax reporting year.
  • Share: Select this box and use the Send to Tax Preparer button to securely send your tax forms to your tax preparer.

Actions within the tax forms screen

View: To view your tax form, click the download icon in the Download column. The shape will be displayed using the PDF software installed on your calculator. Print: To print your tax imprint, follow these steps :

  1. Save the PDF to your computer in a place that is easy to find (for example, the Desktop).
  2. Close the PDF that opened when you clicked the PDF link.
  3. Open the PDF file you saved to your computer and print from that file.

Note: Certain combinations of PDF viewing/printing software and the web browser installed on your calculator may result in your printout being blacked out if you do n’t follow these steps.

Download: To download your tax form, click the Excel® or CSV link for the desired file format and report .

  • The Excel® and CSV download links are not available for Figures Not Final tax forms. Once your form is finalized, the links will be available and will remain available through early October.
  • Prior-year tax form information is not available for download to Excel® or CSV.

Displaying tax forms for closed accounts

You can choose to display tax forms for recently closed accounts by following these easy steps :

  1. Within Online Access, navigate to the Settings page available in the “More” dropdown menu at the top right of the page you are viewing.
  2. In the “Closed Accounts” section of the Settings page, select the “Change” button. On the Next screen, use the toggle buttons to indicate which closed accounts you would like displayed.
  3. Click “Save” to apply your changes, and navigate back to the Tax Forms screen, available under the Documents tab.
    Note: You can only display closed accounts for which you were the owner or custodian, meaning the accounts registered under the same Social Security Number associated with your Online Access user ID. If there is a closed account in your household registered under a different Social Security Number, the owner or custodian of that account must sign in with his or her user ID to access the tax forms.

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