Bank of America Checking Account Bonus: $100 – $300 Cash Promotion

Bank of America is one of the largest banks in the United States and chances are you have a branch just around the corner .
Bank of America Logo While headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bank of America has thousands of ATMs and Financial Centers around the state. I did a promptly search on their location tools and found 50 results within 12.7 miles near me !
Bank of America is the second-largest bank behind JPMorgan Chase – and today you can find out how they will give you money to open an account with them .
Bank of America has two bonus offers :

Member FDIC .
We ’ ll hash out both :

💰 Get $300, $700, or $1,500 from a Citi Priority Account Today!

Citi Priority is offering $ 300, $ 700, or $ 1,500 when you open a Citi Priority Account by 7/17/2022 .
then, within 20 days of opening your score, deposition New-to-Citi funds and keep it there for 60 days after the 21st day. The bonus is based on the total you transfer .
This is a specify prison term offer thus don ’ thyroxine wait !
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Promotions For New Customers to Bank of America — $100 Bonus Offer

Bank of America Bonus Summary

  • What you get: $100 Bonus Offer cash bonus
  • Who qualifies: New customers only
  • Promotion code: DNL100CIS
  • Where to open: Online
  • How to get it:
    • Open a Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking®, Advantage Plus Banking®, or Advantage Relationship Banking® account,
    • set up and receive qualifying direct deposits of $1,000 or more into that account within the first 90 days of opening,
    • get a $100 Bonus Offer bonus!
  • When does it expire: 6/30/2022

If you are not a customer of Bank of America at all, their public nationally crack is a $ 100 Bonus offer and to get it, you need to open a fresh check account online through a bank of America promotional foliate .
Three Bank of America Checking accounts qualify for this bonus :

  • Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking® – $25 minimum opening deposit, $4.95 monthly fee waived for students under 25 or enrolees of Preferred Rewards
  • Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking® – $100 minimum opening deposit, $12 monthly fee waived with direct deposit or daily balance requirements, etc.
  • Bank of America Advantage Relationship Banking® – $100 minimum opening deposit, $25 monthly fee waived with direct deposit or daily balance requirements, etc.

Open the history and set up and receive qualifying address deposits of $ 1,000 or more into that explanation within the first 90 days of open and you ’ ll get your bonus. Confirm the monthly fee release rules for each but they are easy to satisfy .
Don ’ metric ton forget, the Bank of America promotional offer code is DNL100CIS. If you click through the links on this locate, the code will be entered mechanically for you .
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( Offer expires 6/30/2022 )

Existing Non-Checking Customers — $300

If you already have an account with Bank of America, such as a credit calling card, but you don ’ t have a personal check account, log in and you may see a higher offer .
Bank of America activity center screenshot On the right-hand side of the screen, you ’ ll see an “ Activity Center. ” When you click on Special Offers & Deals, you may see the follow crack .
“ *This exclusive offer is only for choose Bank of America® customers who don ’ thymine already have a personal check report with us and who received an electronic mail or send communication from Bank of America. ”
The best one we ’ ve seen is where you :

  • Open a Bank of America Core Checking or Interest Checking account, and,
  • Set up a qualifying direct deposit totaling $4,000 or more within the first 90 days of opening your account to get the $300 bonus.

The terms will be similar though the dollar amounts may vary based on what they ’ ve decided to offer you .
Both accounts have monthly sustenance fees. These can be waived if you meet other qualifications such as a minimal casual poise or maintaining that lineal lodge. The bonus money will be reported deoxyadenosine monophosphate income as a 1099-MISC .
To get this offer, you need to log into your existing Bank of America account and look in the Activity Center menu. If you don ’ t see it, it ’ south no longer available .

Merrill Edge Self-Directed – up to $1,000

Bank of America ’ mho Merrill Edge has a welcome bonus crack of up to $ 1,000 based on how a lot you deposit into your score. Merrill Edge is a brokerage history and the autonomous report is their self-managed investment account ( preferably than a robo-advisor ).

The standard offer is a bonus of up to $ 600 but if you are a prefer Rewards report, you can get up to $ 1,000. The amount of the bonus is based on the amount of your qualifying deposit, which you must make within 45 days and keep for at least 90 days .
The propose code is 1000PR .

Qualifying Deposit Cash Reward
$20,000 $100
$50,000 $200
$100,000 $400
$250,000 $1,000

If you aren ’ thymine a favored Rewards report, the bonus schedule is :

  • $20,000 – $49,999: $100
  • $50,000 – $99,999: $150
  • $100,000 – $199,999: $250
  • $200,000+: $600

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( offer expires 5/22/2022 )

How Does This Bonus Compare?

If you ’ re an existing customer and qualify, the $ 300 bonus is pretty full because it ’ mho easy. We maintain a list of bank bonus offers and there are very few offers that are deoxyadenosine monophosphate generous as the $ 300 ( with such easy requirements ). Since you already have an existing kinship with Bank of America, it makes the care of the account simple since you have a login already .
If you ’ re not a customer, the $ 100 Bonus Offer is o but not adenine senior high school as some others. I ’ ve never seen a higher offer from Bank of America so this is not a lawsuit of “ wait and see ” if they make a higher offer sometime subsequently .
therefore as you can see, the public offer from Bank of America is OK. early banks both have alike large geographic footprints ( Chase is bigger ) so you aren ’ metric ton getting anything extra by going with Bank of America .
Before you take advantage of this or any other bank extend, review this guidebook on bank report bonuses to make indisputable you know what to watch out for .
What is an offer code for Bank of America? The extend code for the $ 100 Bonus Offer modern account bonus is DNL100CIS. Does Bank of America give you money for opening an account? lone when they have an active promotion, such as the $ 100 Bonus Offer offer for opening a fresh check score. The most democratic forwarding is getting $ 100 Bonus Offer for opening a new report and set up and receive qualifying direct deposits of $ 1,000 or more into that account within the first 90 days of open. What is DNL100CIS? DNL100CIS is the forwarding code you must enter to get the $ 100 Bonus Offer bonus for opening a new Bank of America checking account. How much is the bonus for using the promotion code DNL100CIS? The code gives you a $ 100 Bonus Offer for opening a new Bank of America checking report. What are the fees on the Bank of America checking account? There are three checking accounts and the fees vary from $ 4.95 a calendar month to $ 25 a month. They can be waived if you set up a direct deposition or maintain a high enough daily remainder.

Bank of America Cash Bonus

Bank of America Cash Bonus


Product Rating



  • $300 for existing customers, $100 for new customers
  • Wide geographic footprint
  • Relatively easy bonus requirements
  • Museums on Us program


  • Lower bonus for non-customers
  • Accounts pay no or little interest
  • Monthly maintenance fees (that can be easily avoided)

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