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You don ’ t have to have a deposit account to use Venmo. Would it be easier ? sure. But it isn ’ triiodothyronine necessary. today I ’ ll show you how to get money from Venmo without a bank account. It ’ mho childlike :
To get money from Venmo without a bank account, you’ll need to apply for the Venmo debit card if you don’t have one already. You can then use it to get money off Venmo from an ATM, or to spend the Venmo balance in-store or online. 
Let ’ s research what the Venmo card is and what it does and how to get one in no clock time .

Venmo Debit Card 

Although more and more shops are accepting Venmo QR codes for contactless Venmo app payments, not everyone is on display panel. To avoid the harass of checking whether a merchant accepts Venmo and to get money from an ATM, get a Venmo debit batting order for yourself.

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As a mobile deposit app affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The card is issued by The Bancorp Bank and is a Mastercard branded debit batting order mean you can use it everywhere Mastercard is accepted in the United States and all US Territories. You can ’ t use it internationally both in-store or on-line at this point .
however, you can use it freely domestically as an easy way to spend your Venmo balance .
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How to Order a Venmo Debit Card

now that we know that we need the Venmo debit tease to get money from Venmo as an alternative to having or connecting a trust report, let ’ s see how to actually club it .
To get started, open the Venmo app and go to the Venmo Card tab. Tap Get the Venmo Card and pick the color of your card. You can choose from five different colors. now, enter your first and end name vitamin a well as your date of parentage and the last four numbers of your SSN .
Agree to terms and conditions and tap Next. On the follow screen, enter your rescue address that should be your home address and not a P.O. Box or a work address .
You will besides be able to add a bank account to reload the card automatically. The reloads will happen in $ 10 increments to cover your purchase if you don ’ t have enough in your Venmo balance .
It ’ s a commodious way of saving face when you don ’ t have adequate funds on the Venmo account alternatively of looking like a fool at the cash register and having your calling card declined .
last, check all the details and tap Submit. After the app has confirmed your identity, solicit Next and that ’ s it. You successfully ordered your Venmo debit menu that you can use to withdraw money from Venmo without a bank bill .
You have to be aware that in some instances, Venmo might ask to see a replicate of your driver ’ randomness license or another phase of ID .

How long does it take to get the Venmo Debit Card?

once you order the Venmo debit circuit board, it should typically reach you within 15 business days. If 15 business days or more have passed and you still didn ’ t receive your card, contact Venmo customer hold .
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Venmo Debit Card Fees 

Venmo is a fee-free mobile payments option. That besides extends to its debit and recognition card. It ’ south exempt to apply for one and the transport is besides dislodge of charge. When you ’ ra buy things or services in-store or online, you don ’ t have to pay a fee adenine well .
The like is true if you ’ re paying via the Venmo QR Code. The lone fees that exist are the blink of an eye transfers ( 1.50 % ) and out-of-network ATM fees ( $ 2.50 ) .

Which ATMs can I use to get Money From Venmo?

You can withdraw money from your Venmo symmetry at any ATM that displays Mastercard, PULSE, MoneyPass, or Cirrus logos. That ’ s basically any ATM in the nation as they all work with Visa and Mastercards .
however, only MoneyPass ATMs located in the US are free to use and don ’ t have a fee attached to withdrawing money from your Venmo balance. You can find a MoneyPass ATM near you by going to their web site.

As we already mentioned, all other ATMs will apply a $ 2.50 tip. In many cases even more. And if you withdraw money over-the-counter in banks or fiscal institutions when a touch is required, you ’ ll have to pay a $ 3 tip .
apart from MoneyPass ATMs, another free choice is to get cashback from your Venmo balance when buying stuff at participating stores. You can ask the cashier if you can get cashback. But many times, they ’ ll besides ask you beforehand a well if you want cashback .

How to Activate Your Venmo Debit Card?

As with any bank card, when you get your new Venmo debit card, you ’ ll have to activate it before consumption. You can activate it right inside the Venmo app. Simply go to the Cards tab an tap Activate .
From there, follow the prompts and input the termination date and set up a PIN for your tease. On the future screen, pat Next and add money in the following shield to be able to use it in shops, on-line, and on ATMs to withdraw money from your Venmo tease balance wheel .

Who Can Use Venmo

unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for Venmo. For starters, the app is only available in the US so you have to be located physically here. You besides have to be 18 or older or whatever the state requirements are .
And last, you have to have a US cell phone that supports short codes and that isn ’ thyroxine already associated with another Venmo report .
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Can You Pay With Venmo Online?

You can use the Venmo debit card to pay on-line as it ’ south just like early debit cards. But what if you don ’ t have a debit or credit card, only the app ? In that sheath, you can purchase on-line as well .
You equitable need to find the PayPal button that ’ s displayed on the web site under or beside the product or service. Once you tap on it, a Venmo payment option will appear on the adjacent blind if the requital option is available .

Can Two Venmo Users Add the Same Bank Account?

If you share a articulation bank explanation with person else, both of you can add it to Venmo as a connected bank explanation. This feature is basically being slowly rolled out and isn ’ triiodothyronine available to everyone .


Anyone using Venmo should optimally have a bank account connected to it. however, there are many reasons why in one distributor point in prison term you aren ’ thymine able to have this set up. In that case, to be able to get money from Venmo, you ’ d motivation to get a Venmo debit Mastercard .
Once it arrives within two weeks and you activate it, you ’ re able to use it as you would any debit menu – in-store, on-line with the ability to only spend the proportion available. No indigence to worry about getting into debt as you would with a credit circuit board .

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As a fluid trust app affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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