Make Your Own Wine at Water 2 Wine Neighborhood Winery

At Water 2 Wine, we let you become the winemaker! The serve is easy and fun ! Sample wines from our menu, pick your favorite and get hands-on experience with the wine-making work. You get to do the initial desegregate of the grape must and and all the bottling for your 28 bottles of custom wine ! Here’s how it works: step 1 :
Call us to set up an appointment to select your wine and get your “ batch ” started. When you come in, you can taste the wines and choose one from over 40 varietals with wines ranging from sweetly wines to dry red blends.

once you ’ ve found the wine you want to make, we ’ ll bring out all the ingredients including the grape must and yeast. next, we ’ ll take you into our Mixing Area and let you combine all the ingredients together to start the agitation. Along the room we ’ ll explain each separate of the name process. design on 30 minutes for your Tasting and 45 minutes for the Making. We recommend no more than 2 – 4 people for this function of the process. step 2 :
Once you ’ ve mix your wine, we ’ ll take it into our production area and our wine-making team will take worry of your wine as it goes through the magic trick of junior-grade agitation and stabilization. While the wine is transforming, you can start gathering ideas for your custom wine label that we ’ ll avail you design.

pace 2 :
In 6-8 weeks, call us to set up your “ Corking Party ” and bottle your batch of wine. We ’ ll bring your end wine to our bottling area and hook it up to our auto-fill bottler. You ’ ll filling 28 bottles, phellem and foil them and add your personal tag. This process broadly takes about 1.5 hours, depending on how much wine you drink while you bottle ! You can besides contribution the playfulness and invite family or friends to your “ Corking Party ” to help. We recommend 2 – 8 people for this separate of the procedure. Costs :
The costs of the have vary by the type of wine you choose to make. We have several wines in 4 levels for you to choose from. All “ batches ” include 28 bottles complete with your own custom pronounce.

early Options :
Half Batches – All of our wines are available in a half batch of 14 bottles. The Half Batch Experience does not include the Making, but you do get the Corking Party and a custom designed tag for your 14 bottles. Adopt a Batch – If you don ’ t have time to wait 6-8 weeks, you can “ adopt ” a batch of wine that is already in production. Just ask us what wines are ready and we ’ ll give you a list to choose from ! You can adopt a batch at any time. Come in today to learn more about the Wine Maker ’ s Experience .

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