RD Apply

What is RDApply?

RDApply is an application intake system that allows you to apply for loans and grants for Rural Utilities Services ( RUS ) Programs. With RDApply, you can create an application, upload attachments, sign certifications, and tie service areas, to name a few features. Please review the Must Have section for the items you will need before you are ready to register or apply .

Why is RDApply Important?

  • Convenience – The Internet allows customers access to information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For example, customers can fill out and submit their application any time of the day or night from their homes or offices.
  • Identity Security-Information submitted to the Federal Government remains safe and secure because every customer has a unique User ID and password and only authorized USDA employees can access the information.
  • Reduced Paper Consumption – Over time, RDApply will save paper, which benefits the environment.

Who can create an Application

  • Once you have obtained a Level 2 eAuthentication ID you will be able to access RDApply. Please be sure to read through the Must Haves tab to see details on USDA Level 2 eAuthentication.
  • Depending on the program you are applying for, you may need to be approved as a Legal Representative before you can begin entering data into your application.

How do I become an approved Legal Representative?

When you log into RDApply, you will be taken to the Home Page. At the top of the screen will be a button called “ Legal Representative Request. ” Selecting it will generate a shape where you can send a request to Rural Utilities Services Staff, asking for your eAuth to be linked to a Tax Identification Number .
After you send in your Legal Representative Request, Rural Utilities Services Staff will review it. Once it ’ s been approved, you will be able to login to RDApply and create an application .

When do I need to become a Legal Representative?

  • Some programs require you to be a Legal Representative in order to create an application
  • If you want the ability to authorize other individuals (with eAuth IDs) to have access to your application

Must Haves

You Must Have Level 2 eAuthentication ID – What is it?

USDA eAuthentication is the system used by all USDA agencies to enable customers to obtain accounts that will allow them to access USDA Web applications and services via the Internet in a secure manner. This includes things such as submitting forms electronically, submitting on-line applications and checking the condition of accounts.

Reading: RD Apply

Please bill that USDA will only accept eAuthentication Accounts from individuals. Currently USDA eAuthentication does not have a mechanism to issue accounts to businesses, corporations or other entities.

What will I have to do to get the Level 2 eAuthentication Account?

If you do not have a Level 2 eAuthentication Account or fair have a Level 1 Account, you must submit certain information to the eAuthentication organization, such as appoint, address, DOB, etc.

After your submit information is accepted, you will be sent an energizing electronic mail. You must activate the account from that email. That gives you partial derivative access. You will receive a second e-mail requesting you to verify your Level 2 access. You can either 1 ) use the Online Self-Service or 2 ) Visit a local Registration Authority ( LRA ) to verify your identity. The Online Self-Service will verify your identity on-line by programmatically asking and receiving right answers to a series of multiple choice questions that only you should know the answers to .

Ready to apply?

To begin the Level 2 eAuthentication process or to login to RD Apply, select the ‘ Continue ’ release .

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