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Nowadays, the dynamic business environment brings a lot of new challenges and exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and small clientele owners. consequently, to be relevant, successful and competitive in running any business, is all about understanding the importance of productivity and efficiency, so you can fully utilize your endowment and professional skills. In other words, it is all about focusing on your strengths and making a significant contribution to growing your business, while outsourcing and training the correct people to take care of the rest .
A business baron, investor, and philanthropist Azim Premji sum it perfectly : “ The authoritative thing about outsourcing or global source is that it becomes a identical potent tool to leverage endowment, improve productiveness and reduce work cycles. ” furthermore, outsourcing allows companies to reduce the price of their services or products and creates the economic expansion that lowers unemployment .


When you are an entrepreneur, a start-up or a little business, it is only natural that over the time you can not keep up with your deadlines, successfully handle customer inquiries, manage your electronic mail and web site, grow your social network, do wage calculations, update accounting or just follow up with your disturbance number .
In the end, the constant miss of time to finish the necessity tasks or the lack of resources to hire extra full-time employees can result in a decrease flush of productivity and efficiency in your business. It will make it harder for you to stay competitive in the existing marketplace. And think about it, filling fiscal statements or planning and coordinating the meetings, is not helping you to make any advancement in achieving professional goals.

According to Timothy Ferris, generator, entrepreneur, and angel investor, “ Doing less meaningless work, so that you can focus on things of greater personal importance, is not indolence. It is hard for most people to accept because our culture tends to reward personal sacrifice rather of personal productiveness. ”
Based on our experience working with scandinavian companies ( Denmark, Norway, and Sweden ), the easiest way to deal with this challenge, while growing your company, is to outsource virtual aid service, that can help you with your account, bookkeeping, marketing, customer service and anything else that you have on the list .
In fact, when you remove the prerequisite of forcible presence, you create unexpected possibilities to outsource a highly have and qualify person from anywhere around the ball. Besides, a good Virtual Assistant can do more than arrange the flights or manage your schedule : he or she naturally becomes a separate of your team and helps you to achieve your professional goals. What is more, Virtual Assistant keeps you organized, focused on bringing the respect to your company, but most importantly, helps to free your and your team ’ second time that can be used for building the market strategies and making significant progress in growing your commercial enterprise .


virtual Assistant ( VA ) is a highly qualified, experienced, skilled and knowledgeable person, who remotely provides administrative, account, marketing, technical, creative and ( or ) personal hold to any entrepreneur, occupation or start-up .
For some time now, freelancers and personal Assistants ( PAs ) were increasing in demand as companies, and minor businesses understood the value of flexibility and cost-effectiveness of their services. however, the easy access to the internet and electronic mail has open new possibilities for many independent professionals to work remotely from their home function, while providing the same value to the caller, they work for .
therefore, if you are in motivation for extra secretarial or bookkeeping aid within your business, but you don ’ t have resources to hire early full-time employee or extra equipment and distance in the office, hiring a virtual Assistant would be the good choice for you .


however, whether you are starting or growing your clientele, knowing which assignments to hand over for your virtual assistant can look slippery and challenging at first. therefore, for this article, the virtual Assistants at were asked to present the most common tasks they already do for their clients. so let ’ s take a closer attend at 10 TASKS YOU CAN DELEGATE TO VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.

1. Personal Tasks

virtual Assistant can keep you organized by managing your calendar and schedule, organizing the meetings with your team, taking care of your electronic mail, and simply, helping you with your disturbance tilt. VA can besides make a booking to your favorite restaurant, bible dentist or doctor of the church appointments, arrange your travels, ledger flight tickets or even send thank you notes to your partners or family members .

2. Administrative Work

virtual Assistant can help you to follow up with your deadlines, utilize your e-mail, schedule appointments with your clients. besides, they can plan and coordinate the approaching events or staff meetings, send the invitations, wangle customer relations and incoming enquiries, cook confirmation e-mails and send invoices for your customers, update and enter information in your database, edit and proofread the text. equally well as, they may keep track of your banal and order the supplies .

3. Tracking Your Accounts and Bills

Keeping the track on your accounts and bills can be one of the easiest things to assign to a Virtual Assistant. VA can prepare fiscal statements and management ’ s reports, answer to inquiries to credit institutions and local anesthetic tax authorities. furthermore, they may help you with wage calculations, provide payslips to the employees, prepare goal of the year report and payments, manage bank accounts operations, record credit tease transactions, prepare and send the outgoing invoices. And surely, balance your books and provide end of month reports .

4. Marketing & Social Media

virtual Assistant can help you to design a digital marketing campaign, conduct research to determine where your likely clients gather on-line, provide on-line marketing analytics and find your industry related social groups that you can join. VA can besides help you to create electronic mail market campaigns and newsletters, increase your followers on social media, write and schedule your tweets and post on social platforms. They besides can assist in managing SEO friendly web site. VA will send invitations to the approaching events, arsenic well as, will help to grocery store the specific project, promote your business in the weight-lift and create a customer feedback form .

5. Research Your Business

virtual Assistant can help you to research your competitors and vendors, investigate the likely customers and business opportunities, prepare reports about the prey industry and existing market, find new products and services, investigate the specific subject, compose commercialize data and find statistics, update you about changes in the industry, but besides help you to locate commercial enterprise contacts and get in touch with the right people .

6. Customer Service

virtual Assistant can help you to manage customer relations and share with the entrance inquiries, answer to earphone calls and e-mails, provide technical support and live chew the fat services, maintain the information of your web site, monitor drug user conversation on different sociable platforms. They will help you to grow your social network and increase your followers on sociable media, lease with your customers and followers, adenine well as, create, cope and schedule your ad material and newsletters .

7. Content Writer

virtual Assistant can be an essential tool in helping you to get your message out there by assisting you to create web log posts, articles, newsletters and posts on sociable media. VA can proofread your web site to make indisputable that it is SEO friendly, besides transcribe the information, design selling electronic mail templates, write guides and instructions for your product or service, or merely, edit and format the documents, courtly letters, invitations, presentations.

8. Web Design, Development & Maintenance

Some Virtual Assistant, who are skilled in assorted programming tease can build, design or maintain a professional web site. VA can edit and upload new information to your web site, make childlike text changes, add new products and services, or just make an announcement about the approaching consequence or promotion. VA can besides help you to promote your web site, find the correct keywords, optimize the information on your web site to improve search engine traffic .

9. Virtual Assistant can help you with sales

They will locate business contacts and find people, make calls to your leads, research raw electric potential markets and prospects, make telemarketing calls, cook promotional material, contracts and individual proposals, input ordering information to your database, train and send invoices, and, last, cope with sale administration .

10. One-time Project

If you do not feel the want to hire a full-time Virtual Assistant, you can always use VA service to help you finish erstwhile project, so you can step up with your work and achieve the hope progress in your clientele. VA can help you to market the specific project, investigate the particular niche, create or proofread the contentedness, cook PowerPoint display, research your competitors or vendors, etc .

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