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In 2017 Chase released a free, credit monitor service called Chase Credit Journey. A credit monitoring service is a platform that allows you to review and keep tabs on your credit report card and mark .
Why would you want to keep tabs on your credit composition and score, you ask ? It ’ randomness because your credit report and score are what affects the way banks look at you when you apply for a citation card, mortgage, or loanword, and these are things you keep bumping into, whether you like it or not .
so yes, it ’ second authoritative to much check in on your credit report .
Knowing that, is Chase Credit Journey an accurate adequate platform to help you do indeed ?

What is Chase Credit Journey?

Chase Credit Journey is a tool Chase offers that lets you view and monitor your citation report and credit score .
They get all your credit information from Experian, one of the 3 long-familiar credit chest of drawers .
Chase Credit Journey is set up as an on-line account which you can find by either visiting the connect at Chase Credit Journey or, if you already have a Chase on-line account, by accessing the cock from there, or by getting onto your Chase bank mobile app .
You get to create your own account by setting up a username and password .
You can keep log in to view and review your citation report and score, which will update on a weekly basis .

Chase Credit Journey Benefits

Besides for your credit report and score, Chase Credit Journey has extra features, listed below .

  1. You get to see your Vantage 3.0 credit score and the factors that make up your credit grade. More on your advantage score soon .
  2. You get to see your credit information, such as open accounts, closed accounts, inquiries, collections, delinquencies, and more ; the character of information you ’ d typically find on a citation report. These are all factors that are share of your credit report which affect your score. Keep in mind, your credit details will not be displayed in a dinner dress credit report on Chase Credit Journey .
  3. You are alerted by an email or presentment any fourth dimension there ’ s a change to your reputation, to keep identity larceny away. such as if an account is added to your report, your identify is changed on the report, your address is changed on your report, a hard inquiry is made, a newly collection or late payment, etc. These alerts may be helpful in terms of your credit rating guard to insure no stranger gets their hands on your credit and that no error is made. You can turn alerts off or personalize them to alone alert you for activities you choose to be notified of .
  4. There is a score simulator tool that you can play around with to see what would happen to your score “ if ” and “ when ” you ’ d do any specific credit activity, such as put on for a modern recognition poster, pay off a balance, increase a citation limit, miss a requital, etc. The way it works is you pick a recognition action, for exemplar, apply for a raw card. The simulator will then calculate how much of an effect that would have on your score and throw back your predicted credit seduce. Based on that, you can decide if to go ahead with the military action or not. It ’ s a tool we ’ d sexual love to have in all aspects of our life : ) Users have reported that the simulator is not set in stone and the system can stall or be way off with the scores, and Chase has a disavowal that the tool is not to be relied on. however, it ’ s a nice instrument to have to get a cosmopolitan mind of how your accredit sexual conquest will turn out if…
  5. Chase offers a vast array of credit resources to help all consumers, from the credit founder to the credit pro. You can find credit-related topics such as how to build credit, how to apply for credit cards, and other fiscal articles. Users report this being very helpful .
  6. Last but not least, credit card suggestions are offered to you. Credit cards that would work for you based on your citation report are suggested to you by the system. Keep in mind, all credit tease suggestions will be issued from Chase so if you need unbiased accredit wag proposals, check out our credit circuit board finder to help you pick from the hundreds of cards available from other issuers .

These are good features but beware. Chase Credit Journey is not always smooth sailing and may stall, provide random scores, and not update properly. Disclaimer so you know what you ’ re in for .

Do I have to be a Chase customer to use Chase Credit Journey?

immediately that we ’ ve explored the features, I may have wet your appetite .
That ’ second good because there ’ s nothing standing in your way. Chase Credit Journey is overt to everyone. Come one call all !
You do not have to be a former Chase customer to create a Chase Credit Journey account, and you don ’ t have to become one either. This is a major advantage to Chase Credit Journey .
To sign up if you are not a Chase customer, you can visit hypertext transfer protocol : // to create your account. If you are a preexistent Chase customer, you can log on to your on-line Chase report or to the Chase mobile bank app, and head over to Check Credit Score/Chase Credit Journey to get into the platform. If you ’ re a Chase business customer only though, you can log on to your Chase Credit Journey explanation through the background adaptation alone .

Is Chase Credit Journey free?

More than being available to one and all, by opening an account with Chase Credit Journey you stand no loss because it is wholly spare ! release to sign up for and free to use. It ’ sulfur even free if you choose to stop using it .
Looks like Chase, the adult bank and huge fiscal institution, has its many other ways to earn gross and doesn ’ thymine trust on earning back from this decent, small credit monitor platform .

Are the scores on Chase Credit Journey accurate?

As a society, when a merchandise or token is offered spare, some of us tend to either stay away from it, or, others take it but stay on high alarm. Our suspicion in a windfall is merely excessively big. excessively adept to be true ?
Chase Credit Journey seems all nice and yawl, but are the credit scores it provides accurate ? Can you rely on it as you do on your cable car speedometer ?
To get an answer to that, I ’ ll start by saying that the scoring model Chase Credit Journey uses to produce your seduce is vantage 3.0 .
There are two well-known score models used ; Fico and Vantage. Scoring models are companies that take your credit information ; think personal information, accounts, credit history, balances, payments, etc., and they use it to calculate and create your credit seduce .
Fico and Vantage are similar score models, so far not the like. The information they use to calculate your credit score differs .
Of the two, Fico is used way more and advance way more popularity amongst lenders. When you apply for a card or lend, most of the meter, the lender will be using your Fico score to check you out before making an approval decision. As a matter of fact, Fico reports that 90 % of top lenders use them over Vantage .
The fact that Chase Credit Journey uses your vantage score, lessens the accuracy of the citation score you get there. It is slightly true, but it is not the credit score that ’ ll get used to approve or decline you for new credit lines, mortgages, or loans .
however, everything besides for your actual score ; your credit history, account details, derogatories, etc, is true, because it originates from Experian .
The credit rating agency ; Experian, Transunion, and Equifax, are the ones that collect credit information from every consumer and hand it over to the seduce models .
Chase Credit Journey gets the citation scores from Vantage, but the actual information on your credit report they get directly from Experian. Experian is trusted since it ’ second one of the citation agency, so we can safely know that the credit reputation displayed on your Chase Credit Journey portal vein is all accurate .
Why are my accredit scores different on different websites ? Subscribe for more bang-up credit content .
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Which credit report is Chase Credit Journey based on?

Chase Credit Journey recently transitioned from using Transunion as the credit chest of drawers and is now using Experian .
For most users, this already changed. If you use Chase Credit Journey and notice they ’ re still basing it on Transunion for your stuff, it should be updating properly soon .

How often does Chase Credit Journey update?

Because our credit reports and scores are so crucial to our fiscal part of our lives, merely like chocolate is, we need to have it american samoa up-to-date as potential ! Your credit report will update in real-time, meaning if you apply for a credit calling card, a intemperate inquiry shows up on your report. But you will only see these updates reflect on Chase Credit Journey once every 7 days. You got that, on a hebdomadally footing. Hmm, is that frequently enough… ?

Is Chase Credit Journey good or bad, recommended or not?

good question .
As a credit monitor cock, it ’ second good. It ’ randomness release, it gives you entree to your credit report, and gives you an about-credit score .
It offers some great, and playfulness features such as the score simulator, credit rating resources, recommendations, and alerts. therefore on that front, it is recommended.

But, there is some bad to it. Ok, it ’ s not bad, but has some disadvantages. For one, we mentioned the credit score is inaccurate, being produced by Vantage. And second, the features are good but not all are oiled well ; The simulator can often freeze or decide not to calculate a bode score or throw back a random score, and menu recommendations will merely propose Chase credit cards .
In addition, Chase Credit Journey is based on only 1 out of the 3 credit agency. That gets you some place, but since each credit agency reports a bit more or a bit less than its collaborator, you ’ ra not getting The Full photograph from one credit chest of drawers .
besides, Chase Credit Journey updates once a week. We ’ ve got other credit monitor services that update daily ! You can literally clock in every morning with those. then why go for the weekly ? ?
however, if those disadvantages don ’ triiodothyronine stand in your way, go for it ! After all, the good of it is hush very good .

Chase Credit Journey Alternatives

If not all is all right back with Chase Credit Journey, are there any other, free, credit monitor options out there for person who ’ d like another option ?
There certain are other free options, let ’ s check it out .

Credit Karma

With over 60 million users, Credit Karma is for certain the “ Kleenex tissues ” when it comes to viewing and monitoring your recognition report for free. They besides provide you with bang-up personal tips and tools for how you can improve your credit .

  • free credit report from two of the three credit rating agency
  • Updates every 7 days
  • They will send you an electronic mail with real-time alerts when there are changes to your Equifax, or TransUnion credit report. For exemplar, a new credit inquiry, etc .


  • The barren credit score is Vantage 3.0 that is rarely used in credit decisions .

Wallet Hub

Wallet Hub is the only exempt credit report website that provides updates on your credit reputation every individual day. They will besides give you personal tips and tools on how to improve your accredit grade .

  • Updates every sidereal day
  • They will send you an e-mail alert and textbook message alerts when there are changes on your Transunion recognition report .


  • They lone have your Transunion credit report .
  • The free credit score is Vantage 3.0 which is rarely used in credit decisions .
  • It ’ s a moment of an outdated web site . is part of the Experian Company and you can view your Experian credit report and FICO accredit score for barren .

  • You will get e-mail alerts whenever there is a change to your Experian credit report for absolve .
  • free Fico 8 score


  • It ’ s only update once in 30 days .
  • You can alone view your Experian credit composition .

Nerd Wallet

Nerd wallet is a very dainty and update web site that has identical adept and promote tools that will help you improve your credit score .

  • real-time recognition change alerts
  • Updates every 7 days


  • They only have your Transunion credit report .
  • The free credit score is Vantage 3.0 which is rarely used in credit decisions .

Credit Sesame

recognition Sesame is the only free credit monitor that besides offers a loose policy plan which they claim will refund you up to $ 100,000 if you ’ re a victim of identity larceny .

  • They will send you an e-mail alert on any changes to your Transunion credit rating report .
  • Updates every 7 days
  • release $ 50,000 identity larceny protection is included in the rid design.
  • They only have your Transunion citation report .
  • The free credit score is Vantage 3.0 which is rarely used in credit decisions .
  • alone updates once every 30 days .
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